Social Events

Welcome to the Social Events page!

Although we are a competitive badminton club, we also have a specific social night and a number of social activities that make us a friendly and inviting club to join!

downloadThe main social event that occurs weekly after a badminton session is a trip to the local watering hole – for us that’s the Porter Cottage on Sharrowvale Road (see picture) – where we enjoy good beer and terrible banter. You will certainly be made to feel at home after a post badminton trip to the Porter Cottage!

The club consists of two social secretaries, myself (Dave) and Patrick. We share a love of all things alcohol related, however we do also try and organise inclusive social events that don’t involve the booze (Patrick isn’t such a fan of those!). Joking aside, our events are as inclusive as possible and are predominantly family friendly.

Iphone 060114 121Our typical social events include an end of season dinner, a Christmas social (see picture for 2013 in the Lescar back room), and frequent beer festivals, BBQs and walks. We are always open to suggestions of new events from all members.

If you’re looking for enjoyable badminton, good company and a friendly atmosphere, then Broomgrove is the club for you!


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