Badders Laura
Name: Laura Hull

Club Teams: Wednesday regular. Declared too dangerous to play on any specific team by South Yorks Badders Health and Safety Committee.

When playing known to shout: Oohh errr whoops!

Favourite badminton shot: I love all of my shots equally

Racket: An edgy little black and orange number.

Favourite badminton snack: My opponents

Additional Info: Loves dogs, green vegetables and gin

Name: Richard ClarksonRichard

Nicknames: Rich, Jonathan, One of the twins

Member Since: May 2014

Club Teams: Mens 2

When playing known to shout: YES….no no no no! Hmmm wasn’t sure actually….

Favourite badminton shot: Net kill, especially from return of serve

Racket: Carlton Vapour Trail S-Lite

Favourite badminton snack: BISCUITS! Dark chocolate digestives please

Additional Info: World record holder!

Name: Ben Thomas20150621_163642

Club Position: Chairman

When playing known to shout: “Nooo Yesss NOoo… sorry wasn’t sure”

Favourite badminton shot: Anything consistent

Racket: Yonex Arcsaber 10

Favourite badminton snack: Emily’s cake (hint hint)

Favourite joke: Dwarf shortage

Additional info: Ex World record holder 🙂

Name: Andrew Codling

Andrew Codling

Nickname: Baby cod

Membership Duration: June ’13

Club position: Treasurer, Mens 2 Captain, Club Philosopher, Combined 2

Racket: Apacs, Tantrum

Favourite badminton shot: Winners

Unique badminton characteristics: Always staying stylish and well-kept, no matter how strenuous the rally

Most commonly hear saying: Can I have a lift?

Favourite badminton snack: Jelly babies/Jellied fruits

Additional info.: World record holder

Name: Emily FiskEmily Fisk

Membership Duration: October 2014

Teams: Whoever wants me to play!

Racket: A smiley one!

Favourite badminton shot: High and long singles serve/clear – so satisfying to get it that far!

Unique badminton special moves: Flinging my legs about randomly/ moving the wrong way/ being in the wrong place (real skills)

When playing, commonly heard: Squealing and laughing

Favourite badminton snack: Crisps, biscuits, chocolate (whatever I can get my hands on!)

Name: Jonathon HagueJonathon Hague

Nickname: Eggy.  Rich’s mate

Membership Duration: May 2014

Club Teams: Mens 2/ Combined 2

Favourite badminton shot: Anything that goes in

Racket: Badminton one

Unique badminton characteristics: Excellent posture!

When playing, known to shout: Yours

Favourite badminton snack: Any chocolate biscuits

Additional info.: World Record Holder!

Name: Eliza Condreaeliza condrea

Membership Duration: November 2013

Club position: Combined 1 and Ladies Teams

Racket: Yonex Arc Saber 2

Favourite badminton shot: half court drop in doubles (but don’t tell anyone about my secret weapon!) and usually all fast shots.

Least favourite: service to tall guys 🙂

When playing, known to say to partner: Go! Go!

On court motto: Commit to it!

Name: Patrick JohnsonPosh Pat

Nickname: Paddy Pantsdown MP

Membership Duration: Joined May’13

Club Position/ Teams: Social secretary (real ale division), captain of the men’s 3rd team

Racquet: Yonex Nanoray

Special Badminton Move: Heroic lunge to the net having failed to anticipate a drop

When playing, most commonly hear saying: ‘Masterful stroke!’

Tell us a jokeQ: How many ears has Mr. Spock?  A: 3…his left ear, his right ear and his final front-ear.

Name: Sam GaffingSam

Club membership duration: Since 2011

When playing, known to shout: C’mon!

Favourite badminton snack/refreshment: Sonja’s delicious homemade flapjacks

Racket: Yonex Arcsaber 7

Favourite badminton shot: Net shot or net kill

Name: Hannah ParsonsHannah

Nicknames: Scouse, HP, Julia (supposedly look like Julia Styles)

Club Membership Duration: 4 weeks since…2012?

Favourite Badminton Shots: Serve and smash

When playing, known to shout: ‘Don’t be so lazy, Hannah!’

Favourite Badminton snack / Refreshment: squash

Joke: What do you call a cheese that isn’t yours? … NACHO cheese

VerityName: Verity Howell

Nickname: V

Club Membership duration: Since Sept 2010

Favourite Badminton Shot: The ones which I don’t plan to do but people shout “good shot” to.

Racket: Any racket Adam decides he doesn’t want to play with anymore

Unique badminton characteristics/special moves: I am particularly skilled at accidentally hitting myself in the head or leg with my own racket.

When playing, known to shout/Most commonly heard saying: Sorry!

Favourite Badminton Snack/ Refreshment: Quick fresh pasta and orange squash

Additional info/Tell us a joke: Two fish are in a tank,  One looks at the other and says, “You man the guns.  I’ll drive.”

Name: Louise LarcombeLou

Nicknames: Lou / Squirrel

Club Membership duration: Since Sept 2011

Favourite Badminton Shot: Smash

Racket: Yonex

Unique badminton characteristics/special moves: I play Badminton like I’m playing Tennis

When playing, known to shout/Most commonly heard saying: Profanitys

Favourite Badminton Snack/ Refreshment: Banana and Pasta

Additional info/Tell us a joke: What’s the difference between a Weasel and a Stoat? One’s Weasely recognised and the other’s Stoatally different.

Jarek suit 2Name: Jarek Sanik

Nickname: Energiser Bunny

Club Membership duration: Few months since…, but feels like forever 🙂

Favourite Badminton shot: Return of smash

Racket: Yonex Voltric 70

Unique badminton characteristic: Step back after net shot 😦

When playing, known to shout: Yours!/Mine (Which means I’m just watching)

Favourite Badminton snack: Flap Jarek

Name: Dave Jones

Dave Jones

Club Membership duration: 2 years since…?

Nicknames: Dave, DJ, Jonesy

Club Position: Wannabe first team regular

When playing, known to shout: An expletive inappropriately loudly

Racket: Gerry’s old one!

Favourite Badminton Shot: SMASH!

Favourite Badminton Refreshment: During – orange squash.  After – chocolate milk!

Most commonly heard saying: Fancy a hit?, sorry, my shoes stink!, is she a 7?

Favourite Joke: I’m the best player at Broomgrove

Badminton Words of Wisdom: “If you win you win, and if you don’t win, you lose” (Dave Jones et al. 2013)


Name: Ada or as James usually put it ‘Oi Tam!’

Club Membership duration: I can’t even remember what I had for dinner last night…

Club Position: Usually on one side of the net

When playing, known to shout: ‘WAKE UP! Ada’

Favourite Badminton Shot: Well executed drop or net tumble, hitting somebody between their eyes is a close second favourite

Favourite Badminton Snack: Chocolate biccies, Jaffa cakes.

Additional Info: Don’t make me laugh, once I start, I can’t stop.

Name: Craig Barry

Craig Barry

Club Membership duration: Since 2011.  However, currently on the national circuit in China.

Favourite Badminton Shot: Check Smash

Racket: Yonex Arcsaber 10

Unique badminton characteristic: Inappropriate cross-court net shot

When playing, known to shout: Silly bugger!

Favourite Badminton snack: Pineapple (cold)

Favourite joke: A man walks into a bar….OUCH!

Name: Joe Pickering

Joe Pickering

Nickname: The Albatross

Club Membership duration: Since 2010

Club Teams: Combined 1 captain, and mens 1

Racket: Dr. Pro!

Favourite Badminton shot: Vertical drop shot/ lift interception

Favourite Badminton snack: A trough load of anything

Favourite Joke: Gordon’s serve

Name: Michael Jones


Nickname: Mike ‘the goat’ Jones

Club Membership duration: Since 2008 I think

Club Position: Mens 1 and Combined 1

Favourite Shot: SMASH!

Racket: Not sure, but got 2 of them and a Yonex bag for £20.00.  Long Story.

Unique badminton special moves: Can raise my power level by humming ’80s ballads.  The more unknown, the better.

When playing, known to shout: ‘Expletive’…then, ‘that was a great shot’

Favourite Badminton Snack: Jaffa Cakes

Favourite joke: How do you entice a panda down from a tree with cheese?  Cammon-bear!

Name: Becca Dhimar

2009-12 026

Club membership: Since 2007

Favourite shot: A cross court drop

Often heard shouting: “Yours” much to Ada’s dismay as she pelts across the court to miraculously get to a shot that was certainly mine…

Club position: I’m a ladies team player

Additional info: I met Raj at badminton and now look where we are!




Name: Sonja Slinger

Nickname: Frau Yashka

Club Membership: 2003 – 2006 & 2009 onwards

Club position: Ladies’ team

When playing, known to shout: ‘Bobbins’ or ‘Fiddlesticks’

Favourite Badminton shot: Those that go over the net and stay within the court?

Unique badminton characteristics: I don’t move…ever

Racket: The one I won in the raffle at the badminton league dinner a couple of years ago. Time for a new one perhaps?

Favourite Badminton Snack: Weetabix – It’s good for those long shots past the back line. I’m very good at those.

Tell us a joke: “Two Martinis, bitte”….“Dry?”….“Nein, I said TWO!”

Name: Adam Smith

Adam Smith

Club member duration: Since 2008

Club position: Men’s 1 team captain

When playing known to shout: Get in! You can not be serious! and Hoooohaaaaa!!!!!!

Favourite shot: Smash between the opponents’ eyes/ a scabby shot off the rim

Favourite badminton snack: Weetabix and Cheesecake.  Not together

Additional info: Can effect oppositions’ performance with invisible mind waves and my raw sexual prowess.

Favourite Joke: Why did the scarecrow win the Nobel Prize?  He was outstanding in his field!

steve-shieldName: Steve Dow

Club Membership duration:Since 2005

Club Position: Combined 1, Mens 1 and website guy

When playing, known to shout: Quite a lot, but most often ‘Out!’ (just before the shuttle lands a foot in)

Rackets: Dr Pro all the way, baby!

Favourite Badminton Shot: KERSMASH!

Favourite Badminton Snack: A banana during session and a kebab from that Greek place en route to the Porter on a Friday night

Name: Raj Dhimar


Nickname: Rajio

Club Membership duration: Since 2003

Favourite Badminton Shot: Drive

Racket: Nanospeed 8000

Unique badminton characteristics/special moves: Drop shot, likes to stomp into shots, and developed a noticeable martial artssound effect when playing hard shots: “Kiai!”

When playing, most commonly heard saying: “Yep!” Usually say this at my partner, meaning it is theirs.

Favourite Badminton Snack: Litres of water due to some serious sweatage

Additional info: Try giving stick badminton a go – it is  addictive stuff!

Name: Sally Baughen


Club Membership duration: Since 2004 ish.

Club Position: Ladies and Combined 2

When playing, known to shout: Yours (usually when its really mine but I know I have no chance of getting there)

Favourite Badminton Shot: Still trying to find one

Favourite Badminton Snack: Always have to have a good dish of pasta before playing




Name: Mark Slinger

Club Membership duration: Since 2003

Club Position: Ex-Treasurer



Name: Peter Talbot

Club membership duration: An ever present at the club

Peter Talbot

since 1999

Nicknames: Mr Consistency – in acknowledgement of the continual high standard of play. Gentlemen Pete – for being an all-round good egg, with an equaninious temperament and public spiritedness.

Favourite/Best Shot: Whipped backhand smash.

Most commonly heard saying: It’s our turn for promotion this year.



Name: Gerry Firkins

Gerry Firkins

Club Membership duration: Since 1996

Club Position: Secretary

When playing, known to shout: ‘Check’ – I Obviously get confused with playing chess! Or I’m reminding the treasurer he owes me money.

Favourite Badminton Shot: One in a men’s game in 1970! But generally one that is executed like the text book says as they are so rare.

Unique badminton characteristics: Feeling that I can move better on a badminton court than in the rest of the world!

Favourite Badminton Snack: Ohhhh, obviously the first pint after a session. Never anything while playing unless the opposition’s biscuits are really good.


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