Ladies 3-6 Beaverhill (22/04/2018)

Players: Hannah & Sam, Cat & Ada, Sally & Emily

It’s the last home game of the season for the ladies at Birkdale. We had plenty of cheerleaders and support in our last battle against relegation 😅🤗 Unfortunately the result didn’t go the team’s way, but we all thoroughly enjoyed the games.

1-2 after the first round; brilliant 3-end match between the 1st pairs… 2-4 after the second round..Final round, we needed three out of three to win; Sally & Sam almost took first end against first pair! Still in it.. other two rubbers just started…Hannah & Sam took theirs but both Sally & Emily and Cat & Ada lost theirs in 2 ends, final score: 3-6 loss. Some spectacular rallies and lovely to see so many of the club out supporting.


The match was the last for our captain Emily, thank you for captaining us so well for the past years and we wish her all the best! Lots of changes to come over the summer but also lots to look forward to in the next season!Ladies Team 2016-2018

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Mens2 1-8 Oakbrook (20/04/2018)

Players: Rich C, Ben T, Franck, Steve D, Tom H and …?

There have been matches. Sweaty ones. Final score: 8-1 loss. Steve Dow and Tom Healy took the team’s rubber.

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Mens1 4-5 Abbeydale1 (18/04/2018)

Players: Mark D & Michael, Jarek & Andrew, Evan & Patrick

Commentary from Andrew: This is the damage paternity leave does to championship pushes. 😡😉 Patrick injured himself first match unfortunately, Patrick & Evan would have taken 1-2 rubbers. Apologies from Jarek & I; not our finest night when push came to shove! Well played Mark & Mike!

Post match report from Patrick: Avulsion fracture over the top of the ankle. Ligament pulled away some bone. Patrick is going to be in a supporting boot for circa 6 weeks…

mens1 4-5 abbeydale1 180418

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Mens Feather 4-5 Venturer (16/04/2018)

Players: Patrick & Andrew, David G & Jarek, Mark D & Michael

Commentary from Andrew: 4 losses so far! but…Jarek & Dave won an END! Hooray!! They haven’t officially got a third pair but Andrew & Patrick played the 5th player and a guy from their second pair…(does that make sense?). Had a much closer game but still lost in 2 ends…4-3 to Venturer, game 8 on, 1 end all. Urgh, this is all a bit of a mess…final score: 4-5.

MF 4-5 Venturer 180416

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