Combined2 8-1 Oakbrook (18/02/2018)

Combined 2 vs Oakbrook this fine sunday morning…Players were the usual suspects: Ada, Cat, Sally, Mark, Jarek and Michael.

Commentary by Ben: First round, 2-1, the ladies lost theirs in 3 ends. Second round, 5-1 match won 🎉! Third round, 7-1, last game had gone to 3-ends… final score: 8-1! Great result and well played team!

combined2 8-1 oakbrook 180218

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Mens1 3-6 Westfield (17/02/2018)

Mens 1 playing away at Westfield…and the players were: Patrick & Andrew, Adam & Dave J, Michael and Jarek. Westfield’s team had Richard Morris, Tom Mills, Dave Hopkinson… so final score: 3-6 to Westfield.

Well done to Patrick for stepping up – played really well and came close to nicking one  

mens1 3-6 westfield 180217

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Combined 2 6-3 Wisewood (13/02/2018)

Players: Ada, Cat, Sally, Dave J, Jarek and Michael

Combined 2 were also in action at Wisewood when Mens2 were playing away at Paces. As it was pancake day, complimentary treats were provided by our dear captain!

Commentary from Dave and Jarek: I heard that Combined2 had a super sub, and were currently 4-0 up! Then it’s…5-1 pressure’s off! Final score: 6-3 to Broomgrove. The Jones brothers played together for the first time in Broomgrove history….AND WON!!

combined2 6-3 wisewood 180213

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Mens2 4-5 Paces2 (13/02/2018)

Players: Rich C & Ben, Patrick and James S, Franck and Dave G

Commentary from Patrick and Rich: First round, 1-0 to Broomgrove thus far. first pairs were on a 3-ender. Second round, 3-3 nailbiting stuff…Last round, currently 5-3. Last game 1-0 up…Final score: 4-5. It would have taken little to swing it in our favour. That elusive win is still impending for our Mens2 team.

Response from Andrew: What an opening rubber! 24-22, 21-23, 21-17! Proved pivotal overall but just goes to show how close these matches are. 21-17 down in final game in the other 3-ender too…Hard luck!

mens2 4-5 paces2 180213

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