Combined1 6-3 Abbeydale1 (02/05/2018)

Players: Hannah, Cat, Sally, Andrew, Jarek and Adam

Combined 1 vs Abbeydale 1… Jarek having a joke with guy who hit him in the eye the other week, but sure he’ll be looking for revenge on court…   We took the men’s, lost the ladies, won the first 3 mixed. Jarek & Cat lost their last game, Adam & Sally just gone an end up in final game…Final score 6-3! Boom!

comb1 6-3 abbeydale1 180502

One more home game to go for this season and that’s it!

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Combined2 4-5 Ranmoor (30/04/2018)

Players: Cat, Sally, Ada, Jarek, Michael and Mark D

Some good games, some very close, but didn’t quite go our way. Good effort everyone!comb2 4-5 ranmoor 1800430

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Mens1 9-0 PMC2 (29/04/2018)

Players: Adam & Mark, Jarek & Michael, Andrew & Dave J

Mens 1 had their final match of the season and plenty of supporters turned up on the day. Baby Broomgrover Aurelia also made an appearance together with Verity and Ashwin. We needed a 8:1 win to guarantee winning the league.

So…All 12 players are on court for what might be an important decider!!! After the first round, 3-0 to Broomgrove! Second round…6-0 to Broomgrove! Just 2 more needed for the title! 7-0…8-0 🍾🥂 Andrew & Dave took theirs to 3s… tension mounting….Final score 9-0  to Broomgrove! That should be the league wrapped up and what Adam believed to be 5 years straight as champions!

mens1 9-0 pmc2 180429

The boys have done it!


mens1 team 2017-2018_e

Our boys for the Mens1 team 2017-2018

players and supporters

Players and supporters

holding the sports hall up

Jarek and Michael busy ‘holding up’ the wall


Activities at the sidelines


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Combined2 3-5 Oakbrook (27/04/2018)

Players: Ada, Cat, Sally, Mark D, Jarek and Michael

Not a lot to say about the games, but a lot to say about the courts and lines…also a lot of sitting around when it was down to one court. Final score: 3-5 loss. Bad day in the office…

oakbrook courtscomb2 3-5 oakbrook 180427

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