Teams 2017/18

For up-to-date results, you can click on the results page.  For an idea of how the teams are faring in their respective divisions, visit the good Badminton Sheffield website .

Team: Mens 1 – Division 1


Team captain: Adam

Named Team: Adam, Mark D, Mike, Joe, Andrew & Jarek

Team theme tune: The Darkness – Get your hands off my woman

Team: Mens 2 – Division 2


Team captain: Patrick

Named Team: Richard, James S, Ben, Franck & Dave G

Team theme tune: Numa Numa Deutsch – Wen der Hafer sticht

Team: Ladies 1 -Division 1

ladies photo

Team captain: Emily

Named Team: Emily, Hannah, Sarah, Cat, Sally & Sam

Team theme tune: Chumbawumba – Tubthumping

Team: Combined 1 – Division 1

Broomgrove C1

Team captain: Joe

Named Team: Joe, Adam, Andrew, Sam, Sarah & Hannah

Team theme tune: Steel Panther – The Burden of Being Wonderful

Team: Combined 2 – Division 2

combined2Team captain: Jarek

Named Team: Jarek, Mike, Mark D, Cat, Ada & Sally

Team theme tune: Guardians of the Galaxy – Hooked on a feeling

The teams comprise players from all walks of life. We have scientists, educationalists, parents and sports developers amongst our squad. A varied bunch of characters we sure are but one thing we all have in common is loving playing badminton!