Ladies 7-2 University (8/11/2015)

It was time for the ladies to venture over to Birkdale for their first Sunday morning match of the season. However, we were unsure whether our opponents would actually show up, after they failed to confirm the match and we had to pester them Saturday night via the only online platform that we knew would work to contact students – Facebook!

University had forewarned that they might only be able to side two pairings (shock) so we were pleasantly surprised when they turned up with a full squad for us to destroy.

We started the morning strong with Hannah and Sam only letting the University’s first pair get 4 and 5 points against them, whilst Becca and Emily took their stronger second pairing to 21-15 and 21-14, and Kat and Kate tore apart the third pairing 21-14 and 21-8. 3-0 to Broomgrove

By this point, it was clear that one of the University players had only been taught how to play that morning, so when Hannah and Sam came to face them, a swift 21-8 and 21-6 was dealt. Whilst Hannah and Sam returned to our cheerleaders, Becca and Emily had taken their game to three after a few too many errors in the second rubber, but managed to knuckle back down and take the point. Kat + Kate also saw stiff competition from University’s second pairing, giving our opponents their first point after losses of 21-9 and 21-12. 5-1 to Broomgrove

The final round saw Hannah almost maim of the University players, after she fired a smash at the stomach of an opponent, who then performed amateur dramatics as if she had been shot. Sam could only describe it as dramatics that could rival Diego Costa’s. With a player recovering from this ordeal, Hannah and Sam saw off another win and could get started on the cake. Becca and Emily also saw off another win and joined in the cake eating. Kat and Kate however had a tough final game, with some really great badminton played but narrowly missing out on the win with 17 and 18 points scored. Some well-deserved cake for them. 7-2 to Broomgrove

With 40minutes left on the hall booking, we then mixed up partnerships with the University and played some social games before retiring for the afternoon. A lovely bunch but look forward to tearing them apart again on the 20th =D

Woman of the Match: Becca, for a wonderful returning match, some incredible cross court drops and also putting up with me in a hungover state.

L - Uni


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