Oakbrook1 2-7 Combined1 (3/11/2015)

Broomgrove Combined 1sts

M1: AC            L1: EF

M2: JP             L2: HP

M3: AS            L3: SG

First match of the season for the gigantic Broomgrove  Combined 1st team, and Oakbrook 1sts were the first set of unfortunate victims to stand in our way.

Hannah Parsons and Emily Fisk began the night with a tight match, losing 29-27 in the first end! In order for Hannah to get to choir practice on time, the Broomgrove girls generously threw the second end to the Oakbrook pair.

In the Men’s, Andrew Codling stepped up into the first team and partnered Joe Pickering who was heroically playing through his illness and trying to prevent fluids from escaping from a variety of orifices. Despite the erroneous score card, Broomgrove won in two fairly straightforward ends. Andrew and Adam Smith followed suit, winning in two against an old friend Patrick Wichert (who has just moved over from University Staff).

Next up was the other Ladies’ game, and Sam Gaffing arrived on court just in time, having just finished a shift tending to other people’s orifices at the GUM clinic. Sam and Emily played a good game, winning comfortably in the third end. 3-1 to Broomgrove!

4 games later after Broomgrove doing what they do best (winning all the mixed), we were 7-1 up.

In the final match, Andrew and Emily pair up for the first time to take on Oakbrook’s 1st players, and finish the night in an epic three ender. Unfortunately the game goes to Oakbrook after Andrew pulls out a spectacular unforced lift right out the back of the court/hall/Crosspool. Unlucky Andrew and Emily!

7-2 Broomgrove win. A decent start to the season. Whoopasses to follow…

Player of match: Andrew, for 2 good wins in the Men’s and a near win in the mixed, in his first match for the 1st team. Also for getting the bus to the match. Lad.

C1 Oakbrook


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