Wisewood4 7-2 Mens3 (21/10/2015)

  1. Harry & Jon
  2. Patrick & Franck
  3. Manu & James

These chaps were relegated from Div 4 last season and were consequently of an unknown quantity as far as we were concerned. There was, therefore, only room for optimism born of enthusiasm.

A bad start all round with all our pairs struggling to hit their stride early on. We suffered duly, losing all three of the first set of rubbers.

0-3 after the first round.

Things started to look up when Harry and John took our first rubber of the match. Patrick and Franck were level with their opponents after two ends but lost the final one 20-22 (bugger!). James and Manu soldiered away valiantly too, but didn’t manage to bag us anymore.

1-4 after the second round.

Things seemed to go with the momentum in the final three rubbers. A jubilant Harry and John took theirs with aplomb whilst the two other pairs struggled to pick themselves up from earlier defeats. There was a particularly fast court speed to get used to which produced unforced errors on our part from the start. All in all, disappointing as none of their pairs were scintillating; they were, however, safer and had the measure of the court just right.


Man of the match: Harry ‘Step-in Saviour’ Plowden.


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I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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