Mens 2 5-4 Oakbrook 1 (27/10/2015)

Mens 2 took on solid Oakbrook 1 on Tuesday, and it would prove to be a night where long matches and hard-fought comebacks would earn the points for Broomgrove. After losing the opening end of the night 24-22, Jon & Andrew were facing defeat at 18-13 down in the second, but a barnstorming comeback snatched it 21-19 before outstanding play won the third end. Another rousing performance in the third end of their second game secured 2 out of 2 for the 1st Pair.

Rich & Dave also won two rubbers in three games, both 22-20 in the final end! A mix of brilliant defence and scary attack from the team’s tallest partnership proved too much for Oakbrook, but it took cool heads to grab the wins on such tight margins.

Perhaps feeling left out of the drama, Ben & Juan (having lost their first rubber in two ends) clicked in their second rubber, and after sharing the first two ends tightened the screw on the Oakbrook 3rd pair beating them 21-8 in the final end to win the tie for Broomgrove!

It was not only the best score of the night but also one which would prove vital as Broomgrove let slip the chance for increased game-difference by losing all 3 of the final round of rubbers. Perhaps exhausted from their earlier antics, Andrew & Jon, Dave & Rich both lost in tired fashion. Ben & Juan were still in good form and pushed the Oakbrook 1st pair all the way but also succumbed (23-21, 21-18).

From 5-1 up, 5-4 seemed a little disappointing at first, but that only showed the high standards that this team asks of itself now. In reality, 3 wins out of 3 is a perfect start to life in Division 2 and confidence is growing. Old foes Abbeydale 2 next in November.

Pair of the night were Ben & Juan for their growing confidence and vital win in rubber #5 after a tricky first match earlier this month, and losing the first rubber of this match.

Six very worthy contenders for Player of the Match, but this one goes to Rich for particularly impressive spirit and quality.

M2 Oak 2


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