Steel City 4-5 Mens 3 (7/10/15)

  1. M3 SteelHarry & Jon
  2. Patrick & Franck
  3. Manu & James

With a short history of beating these chaps 5-4, we held out hopes of starting our season with a win. Harry and John got us off to great start with a 2-end win against their 1st pair. The highlight of the rubber: Jon’s dive to the net, immediately followed by a leap from his position on the floor towards the rear of the court with his racquet held aloft to play a defiant backhand, keeping alive a rally that they eventually won.

Manu and James fought hard and narrowly missed out on beating their 3rd pair, losing the rubber 2-1. Meanwhile, Patrick and Franck took their 2nd pair to three ends but came out on top.

2-1 after the first round.

Patrick and Franck were back on court again and contested some long and exhausting rallies to take their 1st pair to a third end. At 19-18 up they bethought themselves at an advantage. They lost 21-19. As this was going on, Harry and Jon were teaching their 2nd pair a thing or two and took their second rubber of the evening. Manu and James followed quickly, hoping to take advantage of a tired 2nd pair. Unfortunately they were bested in 2 ends.

3-3 after the second round.

Manu and James put in a great first end against their 1st pair, losing to only 18, however, the second end was to prove trickier and the rubber was lost. In response, Patrick and Franck took one back immediately, dispatching their 3rd pair in 2 ends. So it was all left Harry and Jon against their 3rd pair …and they made it more tense than was absolutely necessary by losing the first end. They came back convincingly though and came through in heroic style to claim the rubber and win the match.


Man of the match: Jon ‘floor buffer’ Kite.

M3 Steel scorecard


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