Paces 2-7 Combined 1 (3/5/15)

Team: Ada, Sam, Eliza; Jaz, Joe, Steve

Player of the match: Joe

The fixtures had it that this was the second match against Paces in as many weeks.  At home, Broomgrove edged ahead in a cagey 5-4 win.  This time out, Paces were without the strong Alex and Frazer, but showed good strength in depth in their replacements.

Ada had agreed to play despite a niggling ankle pain.  Unfortunately, Paces had not received the memo re giving her an easy ride!  The strong ladies pairings proved to be too strong for the Broomgrove pairings, winning both of the rubbers.  However, a valiant display by Sam and Ada saw their rubber go to 3; the first end we won 29-27!  The mens games were to go Broomgrove’s way without losing an end. 2-2!

As the above scoreline suggests, the mixed games were all to go in Broomgrove’s favour, but not without some very tight match ups.  In particular, Eliza and Steve’s rubber against the Travers pairing was nip and tuck, again going to 3. 7-2 Broomgrove!

A special note of thanks to our two non-named players – Jaz and Ada.  Jarek now has a record of played twice, won all 6 rubbers!  It’s easy this first division lark, eh?  🙂

Player of the match award goes to Joe who won all three in two.  We wish him and all other Broomgrovers all the best in the Abbeydale tourney next weekend!

Go Broomgrove!



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I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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