Combined 1 5-4 Paces (17/4/15)

Team: Han, Eliza, Sam, Jaz, Mikey, Steve

Player of the match: Jarek

We were missing two big hitters as Adam and Joe were not free for this one.  So up stepped Mikey for his second match of the season and Jarek for his division 1 debut.  Paces arrived with a strong team.  Of note, Sallyann, Carman and Alex would cause us problems all night.  We knew this would be a close match for sure.

Getting us off to a good start, we were to win both of the mens rubbers.  One of the best rubbers of the night saw Jarek and Mike beat Alex and Stuart to 19 in the third end!  For the ladies, it was a case of win one, lose one.  Eliza and Han won in two while Sam and Han lost 22-20 in the third end, having had 2 game points! 3-1 Broomgrove!

The mixed matches were always going to be tough!  Sam played exceptionally well to drag her partner over the line against the strong Carman and Frazer.  Unfortunately, Sam and I could not keep that level up against the Paces 2nd pair.  Mikey and Eliza came so close in their first mixed, losing in the third end to 19!  In their second mixed, they lost in two, but again getting within two points.  The winning game of the night was Jarek and Hannah’s toppling of the Paces first pair. 5-4 Broomgrove!

Player of the match goes to the only player with 3 out of 3.  Not bad for a newbie, huh? 😉

We wish Paces all the best as they continue their season.  As ever, they were sociable, sporting and played the game in the right spirit.

C1 Paces


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