Combined 1 8-1 Ranmoor (20/3/2015)

Team: Eliza, Sam, Hannah; Rich, Ad, Steve

Player of the match:

Ranmoor arrived with a slightly weakened team to the one we faced away from home earlier in the season due to injury, honeymoons and new business ventures.  In Joe’s absence, Rich stepped in for his second match of the season.

The levels games all went Broomgroves way.  For the ladies, Eliza played first.  Playing with Hannah and then Sam, We were to drop a maximum of 14 points in each of the 2 ended rubbers.  Rich was to play in both of the mens games and again led Broomgrove to 2 wins without dropping a game.  4-0 Broomgrove.

Ranmoor only had one of their normal pairs playing for them in Sam and Lesley.  They won their first match against Steve and Hannah having suffered a loss to 14 in the first game.  The also had a close one against Ad and Sam, but Broomgrove had enough to get over the line in 3.  The other mixed matches all went to Broomgrove comfortably. 8-1 Broomgrove.

It was a good nature match with some good chats between the teams.  Arun stayed behind and played the rest of the night with us.  By the end of the session, he was pleased to have a favourable head-to-head result with his colleague at work, Pete Talbot!

Only three more games to go until the end of the season.  Go Broomgrove!

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