Abbeydale 1 2-7 Combined 1

Team: Eliza, Hannah, Emily; Steve, Joe, Adam

Player of the match: Hannah

With Sam unable to make this one, Emily stepped in for her first taste of division one.  This prompted a full re-shuffle of pairings.  Eliza played as first lady in the hope of strengthening our ladies pairs, Em paired up with Ads, while Hannah played with Joe (we thought that they might claim the accolade of tallest pairing in the Sheffield league, intimidating all in their way!).

As ever, compared to fortress Pearson, the hall was S L O W.  This meant loooong rallies and a lot of returned smashes.  These playing conditions are very different to what we are used to and did not suit the smash and grab Broomgrove style.  However, our pairings adapted their games and slowly settled into the match.

In the mens, Joe and Steve won in two, while Adam and Steve won in three against old friends Ian Sills and Ian Bates, who played a very consistent game.  Hannah and Eliza won in two against an experienced pairing.  Unfortunately, Eliza and Em could not take theirs, coming up against the very strong Vicky who had not featured in our home game.  3-1 Broomgrove!

In the mixed, we got off to a shaky start with new paring Ads and Em losing in two to the strong Vicky and Ian Sills.  However, having got used to playing together, took their second mixed rubber to 15 and 15.  Well done to Em for chalking up a victory in her first match!  Joe and Hannah played excellently well and proved to be a pairing that no team in the division would like to face.  They started their campaign beating the 2nd pair of Abbeydale in three.  Just to make sure they got their money’s worth, they went to three again against the stronger Abbeydale pair.  Hannah was really looking the mixed player and Joe was his clinical best at the back.  Eliza and Steve were to win in 2.  7-2 Broomgrove!

Thanks to Abbeydale for their sporting play, warm welcome and also to the Ians for their company in the bar at the end.  We wish them all the best in their fight to stay in the top flight.

Eliza is calculating the stats as I type, but regardless of the numbers, I’m giving the Player of the Match to Hannah, for a few reasons.  Firstly, she won all three.  Secondly, she showed how she is fast adapting into a quality mixed player as well as a levels player.  And third, today is Pi day: one of Hannah’s favourite days of the year.  Happy Pi day Hannah!

Go Broomgrove!



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