Mens 1 vs Paces 9-0 (27/2/15)

Only 2 weeks since their last meeting Broomgrove mens 1 played Paces in the 7th match of the season.

With the Jones brothers both unavailable Jon and Andrew (the baby cod) played their 2nd match of the season for the 1st team. With Jon playing with Adam, Andrew playing with Joe, and Steve pairing Jarek as the only original 1st team pair.

After the first set of rubbers it was clear that Broomgroves strength in depth was going to be the defining factor. Internally Broomgrove entered a fewest points conceded contest amongst the pairs.

The match ended 9-0 to Broomgrove, which left the all important least points conceded competition to be decided. It was close run all the way to the end with it being decided on the last rubber in the last game. Eventually Joe and Andrew won only giving away 67 points across the  ends played. Adam and Jon in second losing out by 1 point with the only 1st team pair finishing last with 72 points

Next up PMC1 for a real season defining match, however university staff have done Broomgrove a massive favour by beating PMC1 8-1. With an away win next Monday, Broomgrove could have one hand on the trophy!

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