Paces 2 2-7 Mens 2 (19th February, 2015)

Match-ups between Broomgrove and Paces are common place across the last few months of the season for our teams, and Mens 2 had the chance to secure the first double over them on Thursday when they travelled to Yewlands College to face their Division 3 counterparts.

With Richard Clarkson absent, Patrick stepped up to pair up with Richard Grainger, with the rest of the team unchanged from their last outing.

Max & Harry played as 1st pair and justified their ‘promotion’ to the top of the card with a sterling display against Paces’ handy 1st pair, recovering from losing a tight second end to win in three.

Jonathan & Andrew had it no easier against Paces’ 2nd pair who had played against the Mens 1 team two weeks previously and put up a good fight. Indeed, the first end was going their way up until a late surge took the Broomgrove pair beyond them to the finish line. The second game was also a hard-fought affair but taken by J&A with a little more ease.

Captain Andrew had deliberately played Richard and Patrick as 3rd pair to give Patrick a game to acclimatise, and his tactical masterstroke paid dividends immediately, with the pair overwhelming the opponents, winning to just 4 & 9, the best game score of the night by some margin.

3-0 Broomgrove.

The tide was to turn a little in the second round of games. Max & Harry lost two close ends (19 & 19) against the Paces 2nd pair, with their usual grit and hard-work not quite enough to give them the advantage. Paces 3rd pair offered more resistance against Jonathan & Andrew than expected, though the Broomgrove pair prevailed in two relatively untroubled games. The game of the day was Rich and Patrick up against the opponents 1st pair. The Paces players subtly focused their attention on Patrick, but so steely was his resolve, and so well was Grainger playing that the bout was evenly matched – point for point until 20s were reached, the Paces pair grabbed the advantaged to go 1-0 up (22-20). Broomgrove came out roaring in the second, levelling things up to just 12. In to the third end and it was back to being too close to call. Patrick pulled all his best shots out of the bag, but the Paces determination to channel their attacks on him took their toll and once again, even further beyond 20-20, the Paces pair moved ahead to take it 25-23.

4-2 Broomgrove and the match not won yet, though ultimately two routine games from Max/Harry and Jonathan/Andrew would seal the points. Patrick and Rich were involved in more heroics, though this time they would prevail, 21-17, 22-20. Two deserved wins on the night for them.

7-2 to Broomgrove the final score and a double over Paces this season. Next up is a tough game against Jaguar at the weekend.

Man of the Match – Fine, hard-working displays all round but has to be Patrick for being so gentlemanly in the face of both barrels constantly being aimed at him! The snooker-esque “Good Luck Gents” before he served to start the deciding 3rd end was the clincher!



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