Combined 1 0-9 Westfield (21/2/15)

Team: Ada, Eliza, Sally; Mike, Rich, Steve

Player of the match: Eliza

With 4 of the usual 6 missing in action, there was a place in the team for Rich, Sal, Mike and Ada.  None of our stand in players were thanking me for the call up by the end of the match!  We had beaten Westfield 8-1 earlier in the season, and for their home fixture, they were out for revenge.

As we arrived at Westfield, Sally and Mike were watching two very high quality players train – Richard Morris and James Farnier.  Richard is a high level coach who had involvement in the England set up and James, I believe, is in the junior England squad.  I reassured Sally that she would not be facing these players as they usually focussed on feather’s matches.  However, there was clearly no feather’s action for them today and they were joined by another excellent player in Tom Mills for the match.  Gulp!

As can be seen from the scorecard, we were on the receiving end of a whoopass!  The closest we came was a 3 ender for Ada and Eliza – unlucky ladies.

So we ended the match a little frustrated, but some of us also felt glad to have been playing against such high quality opposition.  It would have been interesting to see how we would have fared with a full strength 6 team.  Perhaps we will find out next season.

So well done to Westfield on a exacting their revenge and also for playing the match in the right spirit.  And thanks to all those who stepped in for the match.

Player of the match is going to Eliza who fought valiantly in all games and nearly clinched a rubber with Ada.

Go Broomgrove!




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