Jaguar 3-6 Mens 2 (2nd February 2015) 

After a long drive out to Penistone, Mens 2 faced the last unknown quantity in their division, Jaguar, who had a much changed set-up from last season and had the potential to have some tricky pairings, despite mixed results so far.

Tricky pairings were indeed the prospect Broomgrove faced as Jonathan & Andrew and the two Richards went on court to start the match. A disappointing night for Jonathan & Andrew began as they were unusually out of sorts, facing two left-handers whose game was just right to cause the Broomgrove pair trouble. Despite playing badly, Jonathan & Andrew took it to three ends but still lost out 2-1. Grainger and Clarkson faced a tricky opening end too, but eventually eased to a straight games win against the second pair. Max & Harry also had to work hard, taking the first game 22-20, but also came through their second end easily. 2-1 Broomgrove.

Into the next round of rubbers and still Andrew & Jonathan couldn’t find their best game, and despite taking the first end against the Jaguar 2nd Pair, they lost again in three. Grainger & Clarkson swung the match back in Broomgrove’s favour with a quick two-end win against the Jaguar 3rds, before Max & Harry battled hard to beat the Jaguar 1st pair in three ends. These were tough games for the Broomgrove 1st and 3rd pairs, but thankfully the strength in depth was showing and the score stood at 4-2.

Rarely have Broomgrove gone in to the last round of rubbers with the result still uncertain, but with Andrew & Jonathan still struggling and the two Richards up against the Jaguar 1st pair, it was still in the balance. Thankfully, though still not at their best, Andrew & Jonathan found they were able to dictate the game against the Jaguar 3rd pair, winning in two ends and sealing the match. Clarkson & Grainger still proved too much even against the best opposition, leaving Max & Harry in a match against a determined Jaguar 2nd pair. With neither pair giving an inch, the first end stretched all the way to a ridiculous 28-26 in favour of Jaguar – the longest game of our season so far! Sadly that knocked the wind out of a brave Max & Harry who couldn’t quite level it up, losing in two ends at the end of what had been an exhausting and challenging night for some of our players.

6-3 the final score, and with Jaguar picking up some good wins this season, a result that was not to be sniffed at, despite the craving for game-difference. Easier games against Paces, Graves and Ranmoor provide opportunity for that, and Man of the Match Harry Plowden, will go in to those games in good form, along with the rest of team who march on to the next challenge!

Scorecard 2015-02-02 Jaguar (A)


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