Broomgrove Mens 1 vs University Staff 9-0

Broomgroves mens 1st team entered their second fixture against University staff only 2 weeks after the reverse fixture which they won 9-0 and the pressure was on for a repeat score and set up a interesting run in to the season, as the matches come thick and fast from now on in.

The first set of rubbers saw 2 rather straight forward wins for Broomgrove with Mike and Joe winning to 7 and 9, whilst Steve and Jarek won to 14 and 7. Adam and Andrew (who was filling in for Dave Jones) had a little tougher time losing the first end to 19 before coming back to win in three to 14 and 12.

The second set of rubbers were more straight forward with 3, 2 game wins Adam and Andrew winning to 17 and 18, Joe and Mike winning to 16 and 14 and Steve and Jarek winning to 18 and 14. Meaning 6-0 to Broomgrove and the match result in the bag. But as PMC1 are racking up the wins Broomgrove know that the number of rubbers won could be all important by the end of the season.

With a Whoopass on the cards Broomgrove mens 1 entered the final 3 ends. Steve and Jarek won without much drama to 14 and 11. Adam and Andrew had more trouble but again prevailed in 3 losing the first end to 16 then winning to 14 and 12. For the whoopass Joe and Mike won to 18 and 22-20.

So 9-0 for the second time this season. Meaning played 3, won 3, 25 rubbers won, 2 rubbers lost. With Paces coming up on Thursday can Broomgrove get another Whoopass………

20150201_193708 (1)

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