Christmas bash 2014

10350344_10152561268847532_1606569664630493480_n (1)‘Twas the night of the 20th of December, but more significantly, the night of the 2014 Broomgrove Christmas party and people were arriving at The University Arms promptly to get their aperitifs before ascending the stairs to our splendidly laid-out and snakingly-long table.

The food was as excellent as it was abundant and with full bellies everyone split into teams for Patrick’s Not-so-Chistmassy Christmas General Knowledge Quiz; the triumphant victors being Andrew, Franck, Julie and Jonathan.

This was followed by Dave’s ‘How well do you know your Fellow Broomgrovers?’ and we now know which members of our august club are everyday heroes that save people in the street from speeding cars and which are mere shoe hoarders; winners this time were Steve, Adam, Joe and Louise.

Challenges of mental gymnastics were followed by physical dexterity as everyone quickly gathered around either a snooker table or a dartboard. The evening’s snooker winners were the girls as they trounced the boys and promptly followed up their victory with some choice gloating. Winners at darts were numerous but the most outstanding triumphs came from Gerry (he had a canny eye for bull’s-eye) and Jenny (shrewd hustler).

Finally, we left the University Arms and split into groups which fell either side of the ‘I want to go to West St. Live’ fence whereupon a small number of us drank yet more, danced and made generally rather merry ‘til our beds and inevitable hangovers beckoned us away. All in all, a superb evening superbly hosted by staff at a superb venue.



See here for more photos


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I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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