Combined 1 8-1 Abbeydale 1 (9/1/15)

Team: Hannah, Eliza, Sally; Steve, Ad, Joe

Player of the match: Steve

It was great to see see so many old friends now playing for Abbeydale.  It was particularly nice to see Ian Bates and Damian Speare back playing with both recovering from long injury.

The evening started slowly.  We entered the hall excited to play on the newly varnished sticky floor.  However, the folk laying the varnish had managed to glue in post holder in the middle court, so we were down to 2 courts.  After much huff and puff, and spear-headed by Gerry, we managed to unstick the post-holder and get all three courts in operation.  A good job to, as it was a busy night.

The ladies games were split.  Hannah/Eliza took theirs in 3 while Hannah/Sally were unable to overcome a very experienced and strong Abbeydale pairing, losing in 2.  The mens were quite comfortable victories for the Broomgrove pairings, with the opposition managing a high score of 12 in all four games.  3-1 Broomgrove.

In the first mixed game of the night, Adam/Eliza surprisingly went down in their first end to Damian/Jen.  However, they rallied to take the second and third games.  The other mixed games were all won in 2. 8-1 Broomgrove.

So well done to all.  We wish all the returning Abbeydale players continued improving health, Ian Sills every success in his Badminton Shop venture (721 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield S7 2BE, open on Saturdays 10.00am-5.00pm) and the Abbeydale Combined team success in the league (until they play us again, of course!).

Go Broomgrove!

Match stats:

Match stats:

Hannah: W = 127, L = 119, diff = 8, WR = 52% (+1)

Eliza:      W = 166, L = 131, diff = 35, WR = 56% (-5)

Sally:      W = 109, L = 100, diff = 9, WR = 52%

Steve:     W = 126, L = 66, diff = 60, WR = 66% (+7)

Adam:     W = 148, L = 99, diff = 49, WR = 60% (-2)

Joe:        W = 126, L = 79, diff = 47, WR = 62% (-1)



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