Grenhilheg 2-7 Men’s 2 (10/12/2014)

Player of the match: Jonathon Hague

Off the back of two wins against Paces and Graves which went with the form book, Mens 2 went in to their game with top of the table Grenhilheg with more uncertain expectations. A team which few of us had ever played against and who had 5 wins from 7 had to be approached with caution, but with form behind us there was reason for optimism.

Immediately for Andrew and Jon a major weakness of Grenhilheg’s promotion credentials became clear, as a considerably weaker 2nd pair offered little resistance, losing both games to just 6.

The opponent’s 1st and 3rd pairs began by providing a much stiffer contest. Richards Grainger and Clarkson had to work hard to beat the father and son top pair to 14 & 16, whilst Max and Harry, still showing signs of their recent scintillating form were unlucky to lose their first game 22-20, before losing the second to 12. 2-1 Broomgrove.

Andrew and Jon (with Gerry on the sidelines) played a tactical game against a stubborn Grenhilheg 3rd pair. Without the power to smash through them, they played to space and waited for the mistakes, mistakes which began to come in ever increasing numbers. Grainger/Clarkson made light work of the 2nd pair (7 & 5), whilst Harry and Max were again unlucky to lose in 3 games against the top pair. The rallies were long and tiring but there were signs that the young Broomgrove pair would come out on top, but the experienced opposition came through to take the third. 4-2.

Victory was close, but with Max & Harry’s banker against the 2nd pair on last and in danger of not getting played, it meant win number 5 had to come from the other two matches for the points to be safe. But what should have been tense deciders had started to become a day at the office for Broomgrove, as another of Grenhilheg’s weaknesses started to show. All too often the heads of what were otherwise talented players were dropping and rackets were tossed away in frustration. Hard work was still needed, but both 1st and 2nd Broomgrove pairs won without much concern, leaving enough time on the night for Max and Harry to get on the scorecard too and cap a 7-2 victory with a win in game #9.

So ultimately a straightforward win on paper, and on court too as the night went on. Next up a double-header against Abbeydale either side of Christmas!

Top pair Andrew & Jon who just conceded a few points less than the two Richards! So man of the match goes to Jonathan Hague! Cool headed and big smashing all night.



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