Ladies 8 – University 1 (28/11/2014)

Team: Louise & Sonja; Sally & Emily; Sam & Hannah

Player of the match: Hannah

Comeback of the match: Louise & Sonja

Broomgrove travelled to the university for their second match of the season. Well, when I said travelled, for most of us it was just a short hop, skip and a jump. The match started well with the university only turning out two pairs. 3-0 Broomgrove without breaking sweat. The match also saw the debut of Louise for the ladies. Round one started with Louise and Sonja playing together for the first time. We started slowly, trying to get used to each other and although we picked up in the second rubber, we lost both to 13. Sally and Emily who also played together for the first time, started off much better, beating the university’s second pair to 12 and 7. Hannah and Sam then took on the first pair and won confidently to 4 and 8.

Round two started with Louise and Sonja who had by now found their rhythm, taking the first rubber to 17. The second rubber didn’t go quite to plan, finding us trailing 10-18. We managed to catch up to 16-20 before finally winning the rubber 23-21, hence the comeback of the match is awarded to Louise and Sonja for not giving up in the face of adversity. Hannah and Sam continued their good form by winning their final game to 15 and 9. Sally and Emily made it a little harder for themselves, losing their first rubber to 17. They then however picked up, beating the university’s first pair to 17 and 13, bringing the final score to an 8-1 victory for Broomgrove.

Hannah gets player of the match not only for her splendid results, but also for some outstanding play. Thanks to Ed for cheering the team and also for keeping score.


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