Ladies 6 – Abbeydale 3 (30/11/2014)

Team: Kate & Sonja; Eliza & Hannah; Cat & Sally

Player of the match: Kate

Game 3 saw  us travelling to Abbeydale on a Sunday evening. It was cold, causing Eliza to warm up in her coat. Abbeydale fielded a young but very capable team that night and once Cat managed to find the right sports hall we were ready to get on our way. Kate and Sonja opened proceedings against Abbeydale’s first pairing. The first rubber was largely spend trying to keep warm and led to us losing to 14. We then picked up our game in the second rubber, however it wasn’t enough. We ended up losing to 18. Hannah & Eliza took on Abbeydale’s number 2 and also their youngest pairing. True to form they won their game fairly easily to 12 and 8. Cat and Sally having so far only played together in combined, had their debut as a pairing for the ladies, which they cemented with a victory to 17 and 19.  2-1 Broomgrove after round one

Round two continued with Kate and Sonja losing their first rubber to a disappointing 8, but then pulling themselves together to take the second rubber to 17. The final rubber however didn’t start off to well, allowing the opposition to get ahead, eventually losing to 18. Eliza and Hannah then went all out to try and beat the current Broomgrove record. They didn’t quite manage it, but they did equal the record by taking their first rubber to 1. The second rubber was then won to a much closer 14. Sally and Cat continued their good form by winning their second game in another close fought match to 18 and 17. 4-2 Broomgrove after round 2

Kate and Sonja started round 3 playing against Abbeydale’s number 3, a little tired from the exertion of the previous game. After some excellent plays and long rallies, we succumbed to 13 and 14. Eliza and Hannah then continued to take their final game to 16 and 14 and thus claiming victory for Broomgrove. Sally and Cat added to that tally by taking their final game to 19 and 12. An all round excellent performance which was made even better by the huge spectator’s crowd that we had attracted. Thanks to Gerry, Rich, Ada, Andrew, Ben, Ed, Bill and Mary for coming to cheer us on. It really helped.

Player of the match goes to Kate for an amazing performance that night. I’d say that was her best match yet. Well done everyone.


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