Combined 8-1 Westfield (14/11/14)

Team: Ada, Eliza, Sam; Steve, Adam, Joe

Players of the match: Steve and Ada

We welcomed Westfield to the Pearson building for our third match of the season. Ada stepped in for the absent Hannah in a like for like substitution, but other than that the team played in their with normal pairings.

There was some really good quality play from the competitive Westfield side, and the score of 8-1 does not reflect that. That said, this was a relatively quick match in that all of the rubbers were over in 2. The only loss of the night was when Sam and Ada played against a very strong ladies pairing from Westfield.

Well done to all on a solid performance. I’ll post up the player of the match award once I have had the stats crunched by Eliza!

Go Broomgrove!

Stats from the match:

Ada: won 111, lost 112, diff -1, WR = 50% (0%)

Eliza: won 126, lost 82, diff 44, WR = 61% (61%)

Sam: won 112, lost 98, diff 14, WR = 53% (52%)

Steve: won 126, lost 88, diff 38, WR = 59% (52%)

Adam: won 126, lost 76, diff = 50, WR = 62% (60%)

Joe: won 127, lost 80, diff 47, WR = 61% (55%)

The figure in brackets is the average win ratio from previous games this season.  The improvers are Ada (playing her first game!), Sam +1, Adam +2, Joe +6 and Steve +7.  So the players of the match are Steve for the improvement (yay me!) and Ada for an excellent season’s debut 🙂

Combined vs Westfield


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