Broomgrove Mens 1 vs Wisewood 1 7-2

20141024_211040The first match of the season finally arrived, a home fixture vs the newly promoted wisewood. With Craig leaving for China, Jarek made the step up into the first team.

Wisewoods team comprised of a number of familiar faces which Broomgrove have seen at various other clubs throughout the years, all of which are seasoned division one players and the match was sure to be a tough one.

The first round of matches saw a straight forward win for the new pairing of Steve and Jarek. The other two rubbers went to three end with Dave and Joe losing narrowly whilst Adam and Mike got their act together and won to 12 and 13 after losing the first end to 20.

The second set of rubbers were all 2 enderss, with Steve and Jarek losing to the oppositions best pairing, Adam and Mike won resoundingly and Dave and Joe soundly winning as well. Leaving the score 4-2 to Broomgrove with victory still up for grabs.

The so far unbeaten opposition first pair met their match when they faced Mike and Adam who played steady sensible badminton to win 18 in both ends, securing victory for Broomgrove.  Steve and Jarek won their final match, with Jarek playing the shot of the night, resulting in a Jager in the pub later ( a majestic lunge followed by a very well controlled and tight net shot cross court). Joe and Dave played out the final rubber in a temperamental encounter, includiong ripped shuttle, questionable line calls and aggressive shots at the net. However Joe and Dave won confortabley in the end to 7 and 12.

A closer match than the scoreline suggested and a good start to the season. The mens team have a season skewed to 2015 so a long wait before the next fixture where they can hopefully build on this performance.

Pairing Points won Points lost Percentage win
Joe and Dave 140 104 57.38%
Steve and Jarek 121 97 55.50%
Adam and Mike 146 98 59.84%

So player of the match goes to mike, with the highest win rate, experienced and quality play.



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