Wisewood III 0-9 Combined II (29/10/2014)

Team: Cat, Louise, Sally, Andrew, Jonathan, Jarek

Player of the match: Cat

Our number 4 match was away against Wisewood 3. As they lost their last match 1-5 to Forum and Forum lost to us 1-8 Jon’s prediction of the result was 13-2 to us… and so with this goal in mind we started…

Cat & Sally playing, as Cat put it, in a very organized way stormed through their first rubber winning to 11 and 8. Jon and Andrew faced very consistent and I-will-return-all-your-shots opposition and after close games won to 17 and 18. Louise and me after horrendous 1-7 start put ourselves together and managed to win to 14 and 18. Round 1: 3-0 Broomgrove

Jon and I started second round winning to 11 and 16 being in control for pretty much all game. Louise and Cat’s game, however, was nothing like ours. First set littered with ‘what’s the score’ discussions ended 23-21. Second set was even more tense and close but both Cat and Louise determined to finish that rubber in two sets won 27-25! This time luck was on our side… Meanwhile Sally and Andrew were playing opposition’s best mixed pair. After winning very close first set to 21 and losing to 14 in second all had to be decided in third. Both teams fought hard to make the things go their way but it was Broomgrove pair who, with huge sigh of relief, left the court as the winners, 21-19. Round 3: 6-0 Broomgrove.

After two rubbers like that we knew that was our night so there was no pressure off for anybody before final round, which went our way and all three mixed pairs won with pretty much the same results: Jon and Cat to 15 and 16, Sally and Andrew to 18 and 14 and Louise and me both sets to 16. Round 3: 9-0 WHOOPASS Broomgrove!


Player of the match goes to Cat for being the first lady in the history of Broomgrove Second Combined who won two ladies rubbers in one match.

Cool as a cucumber goes to Louise who at 23-24 and opposition serving decided to have a drink.

Lady of the match goes to Sally for supporting Andrew having a very hard time trying to come back to the game after injury and long break.

Well done team! It was a team effort indeed!

BC2-WISEWOOD 3.9-0.29102014


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