Oakbrook 3-6 Combined 2 (21/10/2014)

Team: Cat, Kate, Sally, Jon, Mike, Jarek

Player of the match: Kate

Tune of the match: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68ugkg9RePc

On Tuesday 21st October we were off to the land of blue lines for our first away match of this season. Oakbrook 2 were the opposition who by then had secured three wins so for us, having two under the belt, it was the match to win…

We started on two courts. Mike and Jon after slow start managed to beat very consistent opponents in very close two sets to 18 and 17. Kate and Sally after losing first set managed to fight back and equalize to eventually lose in decider to 18. Strong performance from both. Meanwhile Jon and myself after winning first set to 12 struggled big time in the second, but eventually after great comeback managed to win to 18. First round: 2-1 Broomgrove.

Down to one court Cat and Kate started second round. 22-20 and 23-21 should tell what kind of games these were… unfortunately in ladies of Oakbrook favour. Both Kate and Kat played very well and with a bit of luck it could have gone their way. Still down to one court Sally and Mike started round of mixed and after good to watch game comfortably put us ahead in the match winning to 13 and 10. Cat and me followed winning in straight sets to 14 and 16. Round 2: 4-2 Broomgrove!

Back on two courts opposition’s strongest mixed pair proved to be a little too strong for Kate and Jon who unfortunately lost in two sets to 16 and 12. With only one point ahead last two rubbers were to decide about the final score. After brilliant 7-1 start me and Cat somehow managed to lose our first to 16 only to find out that Mike and Sally has just finished their rubber winning to 14 and 11 and securing fifth priceless point! This information worked well for me and Cat and with pressure off we won second set to 9 and the decider to 12. Round 3: 6-3 Broomgrove! J

Player of the match goes to Kate for strong performance in both ladies rubbers which with a bit of luck could have ended up as wins.

Cool as ice award goes to Mike, who played the whole match in his track suit bottom.

Well played to the whole team!



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