Ranmoor 2-7 Combined 1 (19/10/2014)

Broomgrove C1Team: Hannah, Eliza, Sam; Steve, Adam, Joe

Player of the match: Sam

As ever, first up was the levels rubbers. Hannah and Eliza beat a strong ladies pair in two (16 and 15). Hannah and Sam went to three in theirs, but were unable to convert.

The mens rubbers both went to three and were both won by Broomgrove in the third end by a margin of two points. Both Joe and Adam carried me through what was a bit of an off day for me. Thanks guys! 😉 3-1 Broomgrove

The mixed rubbers were not quite so tight with all of them ending in two. Both pairings Adam/Eliza and Joe/Sam won theirs, with Steve/Hannah losing theirs. 7-2 Broomgrove

It was certainly a match where the score did not reflect how tight the rubbers were – particularly the levels. I’ll be looking forward to the team Ranmoor’s visit to fortress Pearson for some more tight games.

As ever, a match report against Ranmoor would not be complete without mentioning captain Sam’s mum’s cakes. They were awesome. As I was leaving, I did hear the suggestion that some cakes would not go amiss in the return fixture. Anyone got any hidden cake baking skills amongst us?

Player of the match goes to Sam who had the biggest points improvement from the last match.  Sam’s ‘points won’ increased by a whopping 42 points!  Her ‘win ratio’ increased by 8%.

Match 2:

Hannah W 124, L 132, D -8, WR 48%

Eliza      W 126, L 80, D +46, WR 61%

Sam      W 140 L 110, D +30, WR 56%

Steve    W 151, L 156, D -5, WR 49%

Adam    W 144 L 102, D +42, WR 59%

Joe        W 149, L 112, D +37, WR 57%

Go Broomgrove!



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