Combined II 8 – 1Steel City (12/10/14)

Team: Ada, Kat, Louise, Dave, Jonathan, Jarek

Players of the match: Kat and Louise

On sunny Sunday 12th October in the second venue, Birkdale school (which had not been booked we later realised!), and with support of Gerry, Steve and Martha, our Second Combined team were hosting Steel City who it turned out were a very nice and friendly bunch (the spiritual presence of Eliza was also with us after she had desperately but unsuccessfully tried to get in).

As friendly as it was, we started first round. Ada and Louise, after winning first game to 8, faced much stronger resistance in the second, narrowly winning 22-20. Dave and Jon set a record win in one set beating the opposition to 4 and completing it with a win to 9 in second. It took a while for me and Kat to get to grips with canny deceptive shots of our opponents, but we managed to get it under control and won in straight games. Round 1: 3-0 Broomgrove!

The second round proved to be a major test for Kat and Louise as they had to play together in a ladies rubber. The opening set went our way and our ladies won to 13! Steel City however didn’t let it go and after a tough second game it was one all. In the decider, with all eyes on them, both pairs held their ground and after an even game the opposition won to 18. Despite the loss, a very narrow one, Kat and Louise played very well and with a bit of luck it could have gone their way. In the meantime Ada and Dave comfortably won to 7 in both games and Jon and I added another win. Round 2: 5-1 Broomgrove!

In the final round Ada and Dave continued to shine winning to 5 and 6. Kat and I cooperating very well and won to 7 and 9 and Louise and Jon played together for the first time and comfortably won to 14 and 8. Round 3 and the match: 8-1 Broomgrove!

Player of the match goes to Kat and Louise who, playing their first ever competitive match, kept cool heads and played very well proving to be a great assets to the team!

I would also like to mention Dave who, playing with Ada and Jon, might have set a record point difference in one match for an individual player which was +88 points!

Well done everybody!

BC2-STEEL CITY.8-1.12102014


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