Forum 1-8 Combined 2 (9/10/14)

Team: Sonja, Ada, Cat; Jonathon, Mike, Jarek
Player of the match: Jonathan
For Ben, Andrew, Cat and myself matches against Forum will always be something more than just a league match. With all of us with SFBC history this match was the one to win. Unfortunately the first Men’s 2 match had taken its toll and because of injuries to Ben and Andrew, two different players were called up. Mike and Jonathan, another ex-Forum player, had to be called up. With the squad completed by Ada and Sonja we headed to Ponds Forge.
The first round was a bit of a struggle for me and Cat, but luckily, after making fewer errors than the opponents we left the court as the winners and joined Mike and Jon who, after a convincing win, were already watching and supporting Ada and Sonja battling for the third point. All looked promising after the first game but then after changing their tactics, Forum’s ladies fought back and took the rubber to three and eventually won. Round 1: 2-1 Broomgrove.
The skills and experience of Ada and Mike proved out of reach for Forum’s second pair and opened the second round with a straight sets win followed by Jonathan and me securing the fourth point. Meanwhile Sonja and Cat won the second game to equalize the score. All down to third game again… As we all expected it proved to be a point for point thriller with Cat and Sonja staying cool to the very end to win 21-19! What a way to win the game, the rubber and the match! Round 2: 5-1 Broomgrove!
Pressure’s off? Not at all. All our pairs took it seriously and won in straight sets with Sonja and Jonathan outperforming us all. Round 3 and the match: 8-1 Broomgrove!
Well done to all!
Player of the match goes to Jonathan who, playing in the combined match for the first time, showed a strong and consistent performance.



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