KBC 6-3 Mens 3 (6/10/2014)

Team: John, Patrick, Gerry, Dave G, Franck, Peter

Player of the match: John

A brand new Broomgrove team strode out with a keen sense of purpose to the wilds of Killamarsh to inaugurate their season against KBC; a team that didn’t manage to record a single win or draw last season, so we fancied our chances. We were particularly pleased to have Peter on board as he had heroically stepped up to the plate at the 11th hour to ensure we had a complete team.

Upon arrival, those of us that are new to competitive badminton began to understand the necessity of the term ‘home advantage’ as we gazed aloft to the low-hanging basketball backboards and lamented the lack of traction the wooden floor afforded us. These elements took their toll as Gerry and Dave (who was finding it particularly difficult to avoid doing impromptu Disney on Ice routines) lost to KBC’s 2nd pair 2-0 while John and I lost to their 1st pair 2-1.

Still awaiting the arrival of Peter, Franck looked on to witness a turnaround in fortunes. Dave and Gerry hammered home a 2-0 victory over their 3rd pairing while John and I celebrated a 2-1 win over their 2nd pair, though all of our games reached 20-20 before the winner was struck.

Peter made a long-awaited appearance at this point, albeit in the form of a telephone call. The poor chap had fallen foul of, what I suspect to be, a cunningly laid trap. Since there are two clubs associated with Killamarsh, namely, KBC and Killamarsh (Killers) Badminton Club, there is a chance that opponents may get confused and drive out to Staveley in Chesterfield expecting a game instead of Killamarsh Sports Centre where we were. Peter was now unable to join us and we had to proceed knowing we would forfeit 3 games, which at this stage put us 5-2 down with two to play.

The last games wound up with Gerry and Dave losing 2-0 to their 1st pair (Dave still struggling with the conspicuous absence of friction) and John and I winning 2-0 against their 3rd pair taking the match score to 6-3; a lamentable outcome given our confidence in the chances of Franck and Peter to pick up 3 out of 3 wins, but nothing that can’t be dealt with when we play them again on home soil.

John picks up player of the match for the consistent way in which his smashes penetrated the defence of the opposition.


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