Beaverhill 2-7 Combined (10/10/2014)

Team: Hannah, Eliza, Sam, Steve, Ad, Joe

Player of the match: Adam

Our first match of the season saw us heading out to play a strong Beaverhill team who finished third in the league last season.

We finished the levels rubbers strongly. The mens rubbers were quite comfortably won. I took a while to get going in mens games, but fortunately Adam stepped in to carry us over the line in two. Joe played particularly strongly in a near error free game to also win in two (12 and 12). Eliza and Hannah won in two, with Sam and Hannah narrowly going down to a strong Beaverhill pair. 3-1 Broomgrove.

In the mixed rubbers, there were some really high quality games. I enjoyed watching Joe and Sam take on the stronger of the Beaverhill pairings. This was the only 3 ender of the night, which unfortunately did not go our way. Joe and Sam did go on to win against the other mixed pair. Adam and Eliza were to fare even better, taking both of their mixed rubbers with a particularly promising performance in beating the top Beaverhill pair to 8 and 10. Hannah and I were very pleased with our improving mixed partnership which enabled us to win in two. 7-2 Broomgrove.

So a competitive match against strong opposition.  We look forward to another good match against the Beaverhill team back at fortress Pearson.

Well done to all our players. In particular, good showing by Hannah who had been poorly all day but shook it off to represent for the team. And also to Sammie who had had a crazy long day (/week) in her new job.

I’m torn between Adam and Eliza for the prestigious ‘player of the match’ award. But I’m going to give this one to Adam for a strong all round performance.

Go Broomgrove!

Match 1:

Hannah W 114, L 97, D +17, WR 54%

Eliza      W 127, L 79, D +48, WR 62%

Sam      W 121 L 133, D -12, WR 48%

Steve    W 127, L 81, D +46, WR 61%

Adam    W 127 L 81, D +46, WR 61%

Joe        W 134, L 115, D +19, WR 54%




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