Beaverhill 8 – 1 Mens 2 (3/10/2014)

Team: Ben, Jon, Rich, Max, Andrew, Harry

Newly promoted Mens 2 travelled to Springs Leisure Centre on Friday to take on Beaverhill, in their first Division 3 match of the season.

In the first round of matches a very strong 1st pair for Beaverhill dominated (as they would do all night) against Ben and Jon who still performed well and worked hard together going down 21-10, 21-12; Andrew and Harry were disappointed to lose out to a pair who had one strong player but were eminently beatable, narrowly losing the first to 19 and eventually losing in 3 sets (21-19, 19-21, 21-12); however Rich and Max continued recent good club-night form by beating the Beaverhill 2nd pair in 3 games, with strong net play and a lot of running giving them the edge (24-22, 13-21, 21-13). 2-1 Beaverhill.

Strong defence and patient play helped Andrew & Harry pick up 13 and 12 against the opposition 1st pair before Max and Rich succumbed to the 3rd pair in another close match (21-19, 21-14). In the 6th match of the night Jon and Ben were building attacks brilliantly and deservedly heading towards the 1st game of the rubber when disaster hit – Ben’s knee locking and making mobility incredibly difficult. The Beaverhill 2nd pair still struggled to take advantage but eventually won out 22-20, 21-16. 5-1 Beaverhill.

Broomgrove won promotion by virtue of a solitary rubber last season, so with game difference on their minds the team kept fighting to make a mark on the scorecard. However, disappointment continued as Max and Rich lost to the opposition top pair (21-14, 21-6), whilst Andrew & Harry continued to lack the fluidity which won them games last season, again against beatable opponents (21-13, 21-16). Ben continued to fight on and he and Jon maintained Broomgrove pride, picking up 16 and 15 against the Beaverhill 3rd pair.

Final score 8-1 to Beaverhill.

Disappointment with the result was tempered by the knowledge that the opposition played better than their 2nd-from-bottom finish last season suggested they would and that this was below-par from Broomgrove; raising the level of performance and bridging the gap in quality is definitely doable and in our own hands!

Man of the Match: Between Rich and Max for winning our only game of the night, and both providing vocal support from the sidelines, but narrowly going to Rich for a fine overall debut performance.

Pts Diff

Ben/Jon:              -38

Rich/Max:           -29

Andrew/Harry: -39


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