Ladies 5 – Oakbrook 4 (7/10/14)

Ada, Hannah and Kate in post match high spiritsTeam: Sam, Hannah, Eliza, Ada, Kate, Sonja

Player of the match: Eliza

First match of the season saw the ladies take on Oakbrook at home. Preparations were going well, with Eliza having had her energy drink, Sonja having made rather crumbly flapjack and Ada having eaten her winning banana prior to the match. However, Hannah had foregone her usual Costas with a standard coffee, which may have contributed to what followed.

Additionally to our excellent pre-match rituals, Oakbrook was also only able to raise two pairs for the match, thus gifting us 3 points from the off. Kate and Sonja started slowly against a strong and experienced first pair, managing to improve on their scores each time. By their second game they had finally found their rhythm and played a much better and well thought out game.

The winning banana

The winning banana

Unfortunately this wasn’t enough to win any of their two games. Hannah and Sam have had an agonising evening starting with a loss to Oakbrook’s second pairing, followed by a 3 end final game against Oakbrook’s first pairing, losing the last two ends to 19. I can only blame the coffee or lack thereof. Ada and Eliza thankfully came to our rescue with an impressive display of badminton by winning both of their games with relative ease. Consequently the player of the match goes to Eliza.

Next up University away.


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