Badminton Sheffield Dinner Dance 2014

The gangEvery year, Badminton Sheffield host a dinner dance where trophies are given for the teams winning their respective divisions, good food is eaten and a disco is put on.  Broomgrove always represent themselves well at the annual dinner dance.  This year was no different as we we had a haul of trophies to collect in what is probably Broomgrove’s most successful year on the court.

HannahThe night started in the downstairs bar at Abbeydale Sports centre for a few drinks.  Having gone upstairs, we sat down to some good food and more drinks.

The guest of honour who handed out the trophies was Steve Butler, the one-time number one singles player for England.  He gave a heartfelt speech which gave thanks to all of the efforts put in by grassroots players and coaches of our sport.  This recognition, not always given by the sport’s governing body, was very well received by all.

BenIt was then time to collect some trophies.  First up was Ben, the captain of the Mens II who collected the division 4 trophy.  Ben’s team had won this by the skin of their teeth, narrowly nudging out Paces II on goal difference. Trophy haul

Adam, of Men’s I, then picked up the first division trophy.  Finally, Steve of the combined team, picked up the division I trophy.  This is the second year running that we have won this trophy!

However, that was not the last trophy we were to win this year.  Every year, IMG_0746an award is given to the Sheffield Club of the Year.  This year, the award was given to Broomgrove!  In a nice speech, Andrew Bennett, the secretary for Badminton Sheffield, commended the club for our growth in numbers, our popular website and our good relationships with the clubs against which we play.  We are very proud to have won this award!

Broomgrove LadiesThen, on to the games and the disco.  Broomgrove continued our run of good form with Adam winning his second prize of the evening.  He won the annual ‘heads or tails’ game.  I don’t know how he has become such an expert at this!  The disco then began.  A few were reluctant to step on to the dancefloor until Gerry bought a round of shots.  I have no idea what they were but the looked radioactive in colour!

IMG_0814All in all, a great night was had by all and we thank Simon and Julian of the committee for organising another successful dinner dance!  See here for more pictures.


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