Ladies 3 – Abbeydale 6 (4/4/14)

Team: Hannah & Sam; Sally & Sonja; Eliza & Ada

Player of the match: Ada

Broomgrove ladies fight for survival continued with a home match at fortress Pearson against the formidable Abbeydale 1, who had already won the league with two more games to play and have been as of yet undefeated. A last minute team change saw Sonja replace an ill Cat to pair up with Sally for the first time. With everything still to play for, the Broomgrove Ladies were fired up and raring to go.

Round one started with Hannah and Sam playing Abbeydale’s strong first pairing. After a very evenly matched game they were narrowly defeated to 19 in both ends. Sally and Sonja took a little while to get warmed up and used to playing together but still managed a respectable 15 and 10 against an experienced second pair. Eliza and Ada took on Abbeydales third pairing which saw a welcome return of Jen Cheeseman to Broomgrove, albeit on the wrong side. Broomgrove took that game with relative ease to 9 and 10. 2-1 to Abbeydale.

The games continued with Sonja and Sally on the receiving end of Abbeydale’s number 1 pairing’s excellent tactical play, losing to 12 in both rubbers. Eliza and Ada continued their excellent form taking pair number two to 8 and 15. Hannah and Sam had yet another agonizing game, after losing the first rubber to 15, they managed to regain their composure and won the second rubber to 17. Only to lose the third rubber to a disappointing 12. 4-2 Abbeydale.

The final round started swiftly with Ada and Eliza playing their final match against Abbeydale’s first pairing, losing the first rubber to 15. They soon found their form again and took the final two rubbers to an impressive 11 and 14. Sonja and Sally continued their form, only getting to 8 and 12 in their final game. Leaving Hannah & Sam to fight out yet another really close three ender, having won the first rubber to 17, they were defeated to 12 in the second rubber. The agonizing final rubber went to Abbeydale to 19. So close…Final score: 6-3 to Abbeydale.

A very close game with some excellent rallies. Special thanks has to go to Ed for keeping score, Gerry for providing the Squash and Ben and Jarek for their excellent support.

Two more games to go.



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