Westfield 4 – Ladies 5 (7/3/14)

Pairing of the match: Cat & Eliza

Player of the match: Becca

Twonk of the match: Hannah & Sam

Broomgrove ladies travelled to second place Westfield way too early for a Saturday morning, having had to exercise restraint the night before in the pub. A concept some of us are alien to.

Not expecting much, we warmed up in good spirits with Westfield’s lovely yellow shuttles. Games were being played in two’s with Hannah and Sam playing Westfield number one pairing first. They quickly despatched of the opposition to 10 and 9. Becca and Sonja were less successful in the second game losing to 8 and 13, picking up confidence in the second game. 1 all after round one.

The next round saw Eliza and Cat play their first ever game together and quickly and elegantly took the point to 14 and 7. Hannah and Sam stayed on court for their second game against a very capable second pairing. Having won the first game to 17, they failed to win the second game, losing to an agonizing 22-20. A concept Sonja later failed to understand. Their third rubber ended in defeat to Broomgrove, keeping the score tied at 2 apiece.

Having sat out a while, Becca and Sonja warmed up for their game against Westfield’s third pairing. They did manage to improve on their first game, however still lost to 10 and 14. Eliza and Cat continued their excellent form by beating the opposition’s number 1 to 10 and 14. This meant the game was still tied at 3 all.

Hannah and Sam followed their last game, with yet another three ender in order to make the best out of their match fees. Again, they failed to take the point in the final rubber, losing to a disappointing 14 after a sterling effort.

This meant the final two games went ahead with Westfield leading 4 games to 3. Becca and Sonja went on court raring to go against Westfield’s number ones. They managed to take the first game to 18. The second rubber saw Becca play the game of her life, reaching to corners of the court I didn’t even know existed. Through sheer determination we managed to take the final rubber to 19. Frankly we couldn’t have played a third. The opposition had youth on their side. Coming off court, the final game with in the dying minutes of the second rubber. Eliza and Cat had won the first rubber to 14, but then lost the second rubber to 16. Watching from the sidelines was the most agonizing thing to do for what felt like an eternity, but was probably more likely 15 minutes. Team Broomgrove and their star supporter, my mum, cheered as loudly as was possible to bring Eliza and Cat over the finishing line to 19. (to much jubilation from team Broomgrove and support).

Final score 5-4 to Broomgrove. Pairing of the match has to go to Cat and Eliza for not only winning all three of their games, but also for holding their nerves in that final, crucial game. Player of the match goes to Becca for that amazing effort in her final, equally as crucial match. Hannah & Sam receive twonk of the match for losing two of their three enders.

Next up Abbeydale.


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