Broomgrove Men 9-0 PMC2

In the penultimate match of the season Broomgrove’s , men knew that destiny was in their hands as a win would ensure they finished the season as the leagues top team.

The team lined up as follows

Adam and Craig

Joe and David

Steve and Peter


In match up one Adam and Craig made a very slow start losing the first end of their rubber 12-21, however they put the breaks on to the slide and turned it around in 3 ends winning to 11 and 6 in the other 2 ends. Joe and Dave had no such problems clinically finished off their opponents to 17 and 11. Broomgroves most experienced pairing Steve and Peter shows class to scythe through their opponents to 11 in 2 quick ends.


3-0 after the first set of ends was just the start Broomgrove needed.

The next 3 rubbers started at the same time with Adam and Craig finishing first beating their opponents to 16 and 17. So this set up the next Broomgrove rubber winner to clinch the win and the league. As it was Peter put pressure on the opponents allowing for Steve to have a mid court kill to clinch the game, rubber, match and championship. The score being 21-10 and 21-4. Joe and Dave finished only minutes behind winning to 16 and 17.

The league was wrapped up but Broomgrove wanted to win convincingly which meant all of the final ends were won by Broomgrove Dave and Joe winning both ends to 16, Adam and Craig winning to 16 and 9 whilst Peter and Steve played in a very tough game against the opponents strongest pair eventually winning to 19 and 15 after losing the first end 22-20.


So a jubilant Broomgrove mens 1st team have clinched the 1st division title with a whoopass and with 1 match against Ranmoor left who knows what the squad selection will hold in the final match.

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