Ranmoor 2 – 7 Broomgrove (3/3/14)

Team: Ada, Sam, Eliza; Mikey, Joe, Steve

Players of the match: Mikey and Ada

We always enjoy playing against Ranmoor as we are sure to get a warm welcome and some competitive games.  And this match was to be no exception.  It was the first time I’d ventured to their second venue in Ecclesfield.  The journey there seemed to pass in a flash, in no small part due to some of Mike Jones’s compelling anecdotes.  It was only when we arrived that we got lost.  In the labyrinth that is Ecclesfield School, we managed to hook up with another ‘away’ player from Jaguar, who seemed to know the way, but he led us into the biggest Zumba class that I had ever seen.  Needless to say, we made it in the end.

The matches kicked off in pairs, with two courts available throughout the night.  Ada and Sam went close, but were beaten in 2 (17 and 18).  Joe and Mikey levelled things up with a win in two (15 and 19).  1-1 running total.

The next volley of rubbers completed the levels rubbers for the night.  Eliza and Ada won quite comfortably in two (12 and 14). Steve and Mikey also took theirs in 2 (9 and 15). 3-1 Broomgrove.

And so on to the mixed games.  First up were Joe and Sam, who, having lost the first were 20-17 up in the second, but couldn’t quite close it out.  It was a scrappy rubber without many long rallies I’m told. In the end, a loss in two (15 and 20).  Eliza and Steve were next up against the third pair.  This was a win in two (9 and 10). 4-2 Broomgrove.

In the next round of games, Mikey and Ada were to take to the court.  As ever, these two performed well together and proving to be a strong partnership.  They won comfortably in two (12 and 10).  Joe and Sam then overturned their earlier loss with an excellent and hard fought victory in two (19 and 15).  The final rubber of the night saw Steve and Eliza win in two (18 and 6).  7-2 Broomgrove!

Players of the match go to Mikey and Eliza for their 3 out of 3s!

Go Broomgrove!


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I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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