Combined 5 – 4 Westfield

Team: Hannah, Ada, Eliza; Mike, Adam, Rich.

The match against Westfield on Friday 21st Feb was a tough but enjoyable one. They put forward a very strong team that put up a good fight.

The first 3 games to be played started with the pairings: Hannah and Ada, Adam and Mike, Rich and Eliza. Hannah and Ada played against a very strong ladies paring and lost both sets to 9. Adam and Mike won quite comfortably to 11 and 12. Rich and Eliza won uneventfully to 11 and 14.

At this point the score was: Broomgrove 2 – 1 Westfield.

In the second round of ladies doubles Hannah and Eliza started by winning the first set to 13. After this, the Westfield pair rethought their strategy and won both the second and third sets to 18.

In the second men’s doubles, Mike and Rich won a nail bitting match to 19 and 20.

Ada and Adam, against the strongest Westfield mixed pair, lost the first set to 19. They claimed the second set to 19 again, only to lose the third one to…you guessed it…19!! This could have gone either way. Great effort for our pairing!

The score after 6 games: Broomgrove 3 – 3 Westfield.

In game 6 of the match Rich and Eliza took on the same pair as Ada and Adam. This match was challenging, but was won to 12 and 19.

Mike and Hannah lost their last match to 16 and 15, which meant that before the last match of the night the score was 4 – 4 and it was down to Ada and Adam to win theirs!

The match started with what looked like a comfortable win to 16. In the second set though, Ada took a hit in the eye!! This brought a break in the game and a lot of tension in both teams! But Ada was able to continue playing and they won the second set to 15. This win also won the match!

The pairing of the match has to go to Ada and Adam for winning the decisive match (even after the eye incident).

Player of the match has to go to Rich for winning all of his matches and securing 3 points.

Special thanks go to our score writer Craig 🙂

Great match everyone!


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