Ranmoor 6 – Ladies 3

Team: Ada & Sally, Cat & Sonja, Hannah & Eliza

Pairing of the match: Hannah & Eliza

The much anticipated match against Ranmoor suddenly knocked on our door. After a last minute venue change to King Edwards, playing on the most confusing blue lines, we were all raring to go. (Except for Ada’s knee that is). Eliza brought Michael along for some much required moral support too.

Having just two courts to play on and just over two hours, we had to get off to a flying start. Round one started with Ada and Sally playing against Ranmoors first pairing. Having lost their first rubber to 8, they managed to turn it all around in the second rubber by winning to an impressive 23-21. Unfortunately the curse of the third rubber hit and Ada and Sally lost their final rubber. Cat and Sonja started off a little slower, obviously needing a warm up game, losing to a disappointing 11 and 8. Game three started with Hannah & Eliza winning comfortably against Ranmoor’s third pairing to 14 and 8. 2-1 to Ranmoor.

Ada and Sally had another close game in their second game, losing to 18 in the first rubber, but then slipping to 7 in the second. Cat and Sonja finally seemed to find their rhythm again in their second game, losing their first rubber to 17, but then turning around their fortunes by winning the second rubber to an impressive 12. By then I was certainly pretty warm and we were again unable to capitalise on the momentum and lost our final rubber to 12. Hannah and Eliza had a tougher start to their second game, only winning their first rubber to 18. By the second end they had either figured out the opposition or tired them out as they took that one comfortably to 8. 4-2 to Ranmoor.

Down but not yet beaten, round three started with Ada and Sally taking on Ranmoor’s third pairing. Ada’s knee by now wasn’t in a good state and unfortunately the opposition got the better of them beating them to 16 and 18. Cat and Sonja had some chance to recover from their previous three ender, but were defeated by a good first pairing to 11 and 13. Hannah and Eliza continued their great form by winning their final game to 10 and 10. Unfortunately that meant the final score was 6-3 to Ranmoor.

Overall they were great games, played in a good competitive spirit. Next up: Westfield.


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