Ladies 4 – Beaverhill 5

Team: Becca & Sam, Hannah & Eliza, Ada & Sally

Pairing of the match: Becca & Sam

What better way to spend Valentine’s day then with a romantic game of badminton? Beaverhill feeling the loved up spirit, decided to gift us three points by only fielding two pairs. Starting the game off with a 3-0 lead we only needed another two to clinch the win. Unfortunately the Broomgrove ladies were a little worse for wear, with Hannah coming down with mysterious teacher tiredness and Ada’s knee being more wobbly then necessary.

Round one of the games started with Becca and Sam warming up against Beaverhill’s first pairing, losing to a respectable 15 and 10. Hannah and Eliza continued by taking their first end to 18, only to lose their second to 12 and the third finally to 19. Tough luck. 3-2 to Broomgrove.

Round two continued with Ada and Sally again taking their first end to 16, but then narrowly losing to 18 in their second and succumbing to 13 in the final end. Along come Sam and Becca who until tonight had never played a match together, losing their first end to 11. They then somehow managed to turn their fortunes around, finding their rhythm and winning their second rubber to 15. Maybe the tiredness of the match got to them in the end losing the final rubber to 15. 3-4 Beaverhill.

With everything still to play for, Sally and Ada took on Beaverhill’s very capable second pairing, but it appears they had lost their fight for the evening and/or Ada’s knee gave in as they failed to reach double figures in that game, ending it quickly to 6 and 9. Hannah and Eliza made better work of their final game of the evening by taking their first end to a thrilling 26-24 win and then winning marginally more comfortably in the second end to 18. Final score: 4-5 Beaverhill

Tough luck, it could have easily gone the other way. Pairing of the match went to Becca and Sam who despite not playing together normally, and Becca remembering just before the match that they don’t actually play well together either, still managed to hold Beaverhill’s second pairing to three rubbers only losing out narrowly in the final rubber.


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