Ladies 7 – Paces 2 (5/2/14)

Team: Sally & Ada, Sonja & Cat, Hannah & Eliza

Pairing of the match: Hannah & Eliza

No, Ladies and Gentlemen, you’re eyes are not deceiving you. Broomgrove ladies did indeed win their first match of the season. The journey to this historic victory began a couple of weeks ago when we lost to Paces away 5-4. Feeling aggrieved and a little disappointed, knowing we could have won that match, we were determined to turn our fortunes around when we played them at home. Well, the home fixture was to follow very quickly and a couple of changes to the team saw Sally return and Cat making her long awaited debut.

Round one of the proceedings started promising. With Hannah and Eliza quickly dispatching of Paces #3 pairing to 4 and 12. Cat and Sonja made it a little more difficult for themselves by winning to 16 in the first end and then losing the second to 11. Having regained their composure, they won in three to 19. Sally and Ada had a tough start playing Paces very strong first pairing and losing out to 13 and 14 respectively. 2-1 to Broomgrove.

Round two continued in a similar vein with Cat and Sonja losing to the number one pairing to 13 and 10. Sally and Ada were able to record their first win of the night against the number 3 pairing in three 21-9; 18-21 and 21-15. Hannah and Eliza made equally light meal out of their second match by winning in two to 9 and 6. 4-2 to Broomgrove.

That meant that it was all to play for in the final round. We just needed one more win to clinch the match. All three of Broomgrove’s pairings won their first end, with Cat and Sonja having the closest match to 19. Feeling confident that the win was in our grasp, both Hannah and Eliza and Sonja & Cat lost their second ends, meaning both of their games were going to three. Meanwhile Ada & Sally were still fighting it out on Court number 2. The tension was palpable as the final games of the night went ahead. As Ada & Sally were nearing the end of their match, the entire hall stopped play to watch the dying minutes of the game. Not fazed by the pressure, Sally and Ada brought us over the finishing line with a nail biting 22-20 victory. 5-2 to Broomgrove. Knowing that we had won the match, we could all relax which probably helped us in the final score. Hannah & Eliza played brilliantly to finally beat Paces number one pairing to 10 in the final end of their game. Sonja & Cat kept the suspense going as they finished last, winning their third game to 19. 7-2 to Broomgrove.

Pairing of the match has to go to Hannah & Eliza who not only won all three of their matches, but managed to outplay Paces first pairing allowing them only 10 points in the final game.

Next match Beaverhill. GO BROOMGROVE!



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