Paces 5-4 Ladies (26/01/14)

Report by Ada:

Due to short concentration span and other feeble excuses, my match report is going to be short and sweet…well just a little longer than my last attempt, that one’s only three sentences long…!

Team line-up: Sam & Hannah; Sonja & Becca; Ada & Eliza

Player of the match: Gonna give this to the whole team!

After having two long weeks of time-off from badminton due to hall closure, Broomgrove’s 5th match of the season saw our ladies team travel to Grenoside to face one of our local rivals Paces. We knew that this is going to be a tough fixture as the Paces ladies play regularly in the First Division and have lots of strength in depth. The night started with a little uncertainty before we even got on court: Hannah had a runny nose, Sam suffered from feeling overly full, Ada was aching from a climbing session…(yes, no shame in getting our excuses in early). Fortunately for us, the opposition had problems of their own as their captain, Sally-Ann, wasn’t able to play due to a shoulder injury and we got to enjoy playing on courts with white lines too.

With 2 courts to play on, first round of the match kicked off with Sam & Hannah playing against their number 1 pairing, Lucy & Donna. Our pair made a good start but losing their first end narrowly to 19. In the second game they couldn’t quite turn the tables on the opposition and lost to 11. Sonja & Becca played Paces number 2 pairing, Bev & Katie, and were beaten to 15 and 10. Game 3 saw Ada & Eliza kick off the proceedings with a comfortable win in two against their number 3 pairing, Louise & Sarah, to 7 and 12. Scores after round one: 2-1 to Paces.

Normally with a disappointing start it would have been difficult to alter the momentum of the match, but this seemed to have invigorated Sam & Hannah who were now fired up and took their second game in two rubbers, one to 15 and the other to 19. Sonja & Becca raised their game in the second round but unfortunately the other side outplayed them and were defeated to 11 and 13. Game 6 saw an upset with a rather fast shuttle affecting Ada & Eliza’s control of the court against Paces number 1 pairing. Despite Eliza’s best effort, her skills and patience were tested when Ada was momentarily spaced out after quite a few of the baseline clears landed way outside the court. With one too many unforced errors they eventually lost in two to 15 and 12. Scores after second round: 4-2 to Paces.

The final round saw Sam & Hannah taking on Paces number 3 pairing. With Hannah’s smashing power and Sam’s deft touches, they won their last game 22-20 and 21-16. Despite both playing really well in their final game, Sonja & Becca were unable to register a game against Paces strongest pair, going down to lose 9 and 8. Ada & Eliza kept their cool despite the earlier set back and dispatched of their opposition in 2 ends to win 3 and 6. The final score was a close 5-4 win to Paces.

So there you have it, no fairy-tale finish for Broomgrove, but overall a very good match away from home. The evening was enjoyable and the ladies from Paces were a very sociable and friendly bunch who played the games in good competitive spirit. It didn’t quite go our way but I don’t think the result will take away from the fact that we are constantly improving and edging towards that elusive win. Well done girls.

Player of the match could have gone to a number of players if performance was the only criterion, but I feel that we all worked hard and put in an awful lot of effort, so this should be awarded to the entire team.

Finally, the stats:

Sam & Hannah 227 points played, won 115 lost 112, difference =+3

Sonja & Becca 192 points played, won 66 lost 126, difference =-60

Ada & Eliza 181 points played, won 111 lost 70, difference =+41



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