Combined 8 – 1 Notts Northern (22/1/14)

Team: Hannah, Eliza, Sam; Steve, Adam, Joe

Players of the match: Adam and Eliza

The last time I played at Forge valley, I forgot the shuttles and Joe had to pick them up en route.  This time I asked Hannah to pick them up to make sure nothing was forgotten.  So this time, I forgot my badminton shoes!  DOH!

Feeling a bit glum about playing a division 1 match in my walking shoes, my mood picked up when Eliza pulled out not one, but two packs of chocolate biscuits!  That Eliza is starting to grow on me 😉

These refreshments helped to lift the mood of the away team too, who had mistakenly arrived at 7pm.  They are the second team to do that at Forge Valley.  What’s with that?

Anyway, on to the games.  We won the men’s without dropping a game despite some good play from the opposition.  The ladies proved to be very competitive rubbers.  Hannah and Eliza won to 11 and 15 in a very even and well fought rubber.  Sam and Eliza lost in an epic three ender that really could have gone either way.  3-1 Broomgrove.

The mixed matches for our strong second and third pairings were all to go our way without conceding a game.  Our first pairing of Steve and Hannah were to fight out a feisty and competitive rubber, winning to 19 then losing 21-23.  I was really looking forward the third end, but unfortunately Alison from Notts Northern had to pull out as she had suffered a very upset stomach all night.  So the final score was 8-1 Broomgrove.

Notts Northern were good sports throughout and we wish them all the best for the rest of the season.

The players of the match are Adam and Eliza who won all of their rubbers without dropping a game.  Solid, powerful, clinical play from both of these fearsome players.  I would imagine their names are currently being whispered in hushed reverence around the corridors of Badminton Sheffield. 😉

Go Broomgrove!


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