Westfield 2 – 7 Combined (18/1/14)

Team: Hannah, Sam, Eliza; Mike, Joe, Steve

Players of the match: Hannah

This is always a tough fixture in the Combined first division calendar.  Westfield always turn out a strong ladies team, and the men can always include a star player or two.  We were a little unsure as to who the third man would be, as a number of Westfield’s top men were milling around the match.  Fortunately for us, they were not to take part, and were there either to play in the adjacent feather’s match or because they had just finished coaching.  Phew!

With two courts for the match, we first of all played all of the levels games.  Joe got out of the blocks at full pace as he dominated the men’s match he played with Mikey.  Hannah and Sam were unable to register a game against a strong pair, going down to 16 and 17.

In the second man’s game, Steve and Mikey took it in two  We were both pleased to see out the second game having had a huge advantage overturned by a Wedtfield pair when we last played them at Broomgrove!  That was still fresh in our minds.  Eliza and Hannah them had the first of the epic games of the night.  They lost the first 22-20, won the second 21-19 and then unfortunately lost the third 28-26!  Both played really well, in the final game in particular, and can take loads of positives from the performance.  2-2 in rubbers overall.

The next four games were the mixed games for our second and third pairs (Sam/Joe and Eliza/Steve).  Not a game was dropped in these.  6-2 Broomgrove!

The final game was another epic.  Hannah and Mikey lost to 7 in the first and so decided on a change in strategy.  Having played a traditional mixed game, they switch to a levels formation.  This was to make a huge difference, helping them to edge out both the second and third games to 18 and 20.  Both players played fantastically well.

As ever, we had a warm welcome from the Westfield team, and we enjoyed the spirit with which they played the match.  We wish them the best for the season.

The player of the match could have gone to a number of folk again.  Eliza was outstanding in the mixed, Mikey won all three and played his socks off in his last rubber, Joe was playing top notch badminton from the get go and Sam was both clinical and consistent throughout, particularly in the mixed.  However, player of the match goes to Hannah for her immense effort in both of the epic 3 enders against really powerful and talented opponents who forced her to smash 3, 4 or 5 times before a rally was decided.

Go Broomgrove!


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