Stocksbridge 1 – 8 Combined (9/1/14)

Team: Hannah, Sam, Eliza; Rich, Joe, Steve

Players of the match: Sam and Joe

We had played this team only 6 days earlier, so knew what to expect.  We had a different looking team with Rich, Hannah and Sam playing this time around.

We arrived to a very cold and somewhat breezy hall.  The away team suggested the cold could be due to the huge air vents placed above the courts set to ‘bleeding freezing’ all year round.

Anyhow, as the games began (with tracksuit bottoms and jumpers still on) we were to find that the air vents were to have a more profound effect on the games.  The breeze from them strongly and randomly affected the flight of the shuttle!  I found it quite funny, but not all had the same reaction!

So to the games.  Both men’s were won in two, with Rich and Joe coming pretty close in theirs (18-21, 20-22) .  The ladies won one and lost one, with Eliza and Hannah not finding their normal flow, just being edged out (21-19, 21-17).  The mixed all went our way without dropping a game apart from Hannah and Rich’s, which was won in three.

So the player of the match could have gone to a number of players if performance was the only criteria.  I’ve picked Sam and Joe more to say well done to Sam for getting through her exams in one piece and Joe for securing a cracking research post at Sheffield!  Well done both.

As ever, the Stocksbrige (Jaguar/Oxley) folk were great to chat to and made us feel at home from the off.  We wish them all the best for the remainder of the season.

Go Broomgrove!


About Steve

I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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