Combined 9 – 0 Stocksbridge (3/1/14)

Team: Eliza, Ada, Sal; Steve, Adam, Joe

Player of the match: Sally and Joe

This was the first of 4 matches in January.  Both teams arrived full of Christmas food and drink, and short of practice too!

Now before I report on the match itself, I should note that I do not have the scorecard as I had to dash off before the end of the match.  So this will be brief and probably incorrect.  Enjoy!

As the score above states, the Broomgrove pairings managed to win all of the rubbers.  However, this score-line does not do justice to the away team, who fought out some very close games.  Adam and I managed to win in two, but with the first game going to 24-22!  I believe that Ada and Eliza won in two also.  Joe and Sally took theirs down in three – the final game a real nail-biter.

Round two saw all pairings winning in two.  In round three, I understand that Joe and Sally had another three ender, but the other two were won in two.  However, with me leaving before the end, I can’t say for sure!

We all very much enjoyed playing against a spirited and friendly team in Stocksbridge and wish them all the best in the rest of the season.

On the basis of this flawed report, I am giving the players of the match jointly to Sally and Joe who had to fight hard in two of their rubbers in order to ensure our first 9-0 of the season.  But this title could have gone to the whole team.

Well done all (and please email me if I got any of the above incorrect!

Go Broomgrove!


About Steve

I update the website for The Ante Social, a poker home game in Sheffield.
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