Broomgrove vs Westfield men’s 1sts 8-1

After beating Westfield 7-2 in their previous outing, Broomgroves men’s 1sts hoped the repeat or better their previous result in the return match vs Westfield.

Broomgrove kept an unchanged team with Steve and Mike as 1st pair, Adam and Craig as 2nd, with Dave and Joe 3rd pair.

The first rubbers started with Joe and Dave sweeping aside the opposition to 9 and 10. Adam suffering from the worst hangover he has ever experienced made harder work of it however. He and Craig lost the first end but quickly refocussed and won the next 2 ends both to 12. Steve and Mike also lost their first end and losing late in the second end made a comeback to take the rubber to a third end. Unfortunately from being 19-11 up, the opposition rallied and won the rubber 22-24. This meant Broomgrove we’re leading 2-1 after the first 3 rubbers.

The middle 3 rubbers were more straight forward. Adam and Craig playing the oppositions young pairing ground out a win to 18 in the first end then showed their league experience over the opposition winning to 8 to win the 3rd rubber for Broomgrove. Dave and Joe similarly showed their experience and skills to beat the oppositions most experienced pair with consistency 11 in both ends. After the setback in the initial rubber Mike and Steve bounced back to win to 13 and 11. This meant Broomgrove had won the match with 3 rubbers left.

The final 3rubbers were equally as impressive from Broomgroves perspective with Joe and Dave winning to 10 and 5. Steve and Mike won to 17 and 6. Finally Craig and Mike won to 13 and 9 to finish a particularly impressive display.

Next up Jaguar away who have made a 100% start. after this match Broomgrove will be at the midpoint of their season and hopefully nudging their nose closer to a first place finish.

Stats for the match,

Steve and Mike points won 144 points lost 108, = +36

Adam and Craig points won 141 points lost 91, = +60

Joe and Dave points won 126 points lost 56, = +70

man of the match, joint winners Joe and Dave dominated the opposition only allowing an average of less than 10 points per game

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