Combined 6 – 3 Ranmoor (27/11/13)

Team: Hannah, Sal, Eliza; Steve, Ad, Joe

Player of the match: Eliza

It was a dreadfully disorganised beginning to the night from both home and away teams.  Ad and I arrived with no shuttles, having to contact Joe to pick some up from Gerry.  Then we received a call from the Pearson Building to find out that the Ranmoor team were down there, and had been for an hour!  This all came good as they arrived at our other home venue in good time for the match to kick off at 8.20pm.

I should not have worried too much about the time, however, as the first three rubbers were all won and lost in 2 games.  Steve and Ad won to 15 and 11.  Joe and Eliza won to 14 and 18.  Sal and Hannah were beaten to 13 and 16.   2-1 Broomgrove.

The next three rubbers were to  finish just as quickly.  Eliza and Hannah won impressively to 10 and 13.  Steve and Joe took theirs to 19 and 14.  Then Ad and Sal won to 13 and 14.  5-1 Broomgrove.

Unbelievably given the late start, we were only at 9.00pm with three rubbers to play having started at 8.20pm!  A comfortable victory for Joe and Eliza was followed by two losses.  Ad and Sal could not beat the stronger Ranmoor pair, and then Steve and Hannah lost out in what was the only three ender of the night – losing to 19 in the third.  Doh!  6-3 Broomgrove.

The player of the match can only go to Eliza who, on her first match for the club, won not only every rubber, but every game.  Her partnership with Hannah was promising, and she had to carry that Pickering fellow through the mixed 😉  (only joking Joe – you too were immense with another three out of three!).

All in all a solid performance against a really strong combined team for Ranmoor.  They are establishing themselves as a real force in the first division, and we wish them all the best for the season.

Next match is Thursday 9th January Stocksbridge.  So we’ve a little break for now.  Time to reflect on a 100% start to the season.  Let’s keep a limit on those mince pies over the holidays and push on in the second half of the season.

Go Broomgrove!


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